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Innocence of Muslims: The Truth: Robert Paisola Reports Live

Innocence of Muslims: The Truth: Robert Paisola Reports Live

براءة المسلمين: لجنة تقصي الحقائق: روبرت تقارير Paisola لايف

The Innocence of Muslims Movie Premier in Los Angeles California USA


We are in NO WAY promoting the movie "Innocence of Muslims" We did NOT FINANCE IT, WE DID NOT PRODUCE IT and we have NO AFFILIATION WITH NAKOULA BASSELEY NAKOULA, the alleged film maker. My company does indeed finance ventures via our Western Capital Foundation and Venture Capital units, but we are merely presenting you with the worldwide media fallout of what can happen when a low budget 50,000 movie goes awry. Please take note of this, and we take your concerns very seriously. Email robert@westerncapitalmultimedia.com for details.  We have posted the original script that we received for your review.
To your success,
Robert Paisola 
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ونحن ليست بأي حال تعزيز فيلم "البراءة من المسلمين" نحن لم يمولها، نحن لا تنتج IT وليس لدينا أي انتماء مع NAKOULA BASSELEY NAKOULA، وصانع الفيلم المزعوم. شركتي تمويل وبالفعل لا مشاريع عن طريق مؤسسة رأس المال لدينا وحدات الغربية ورأس المال المغامر، ولكن نحن نقدم لك مجرد وسائل الإعلام مع تداعيات في جميع أنحاء العالم ما يمكن أن يحدث عندما منخفض الميزانية 50000 الفيلم يذهب منحرف. يرجى الإحاطة علما بذلك، ونحن نأخذ على محمل الجد مخاوفك. robert@westerncapitalmultimedia.com البريد الإلكتروني للحصول على التفاصيل. لقد نشرت نحن السيناريو الأصلي التي تلقيناها للمراجعة.
روبرت Paisola
الرئيس التنفيذي ورئيس
غرب العاصمة الوسائط المتعددة USA

Recent Developments
Sept. 22 A Pakistani cabinet minister offered a $100,000 rewardfor the death of the person behind the anti-Islamic video “Innocence of Muslims,” even suggesting that Taliban and Al Qaeda militants could carry out the killing. Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, the federal railways minister, said that he would personally finance a bounty. But in Islamabad, the Pakistani government distanced itself from the comments.

Sept. 21 Violent crowds furious over the anti-Islamic video “Innocence of Muslims” convulsed Pakistan’s largest cities, leaving up to 23 people dead and more than 200 injured in a day of government-sanctioned protests. It was the worst single day of violence in a Muslim country over the film since protests began. On the same day, tens of thousands of protesters in Benghazi, Libya,seized control of several militia headquarters, including the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia, the Islamist militia that has been linked to the attack on the United States Mission that killed the ambassador and three other Americans.

Sept. 20 The White House referred to the assault on the American consulate in Libya as a terrorist attack. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced the creation of a panel to investigate the attack. The panel, called an Accountability Review Board, will be led by Thomas R. Pickering, a veteran diplomat and former under secretary of state.

Sept. 19 A French satirical magazine published a series of cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad, setting off a new wave of outrage among Muslims and condemnation from French leaders. Also, the White House referred to the assault on the American consulate in Libya as a terrorist attack. 

Sept. 18 Fourteen people, 10 of them foreigners, were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul, bringing to at least 28 the number of deaths attributed to unrest sweeping the Muslim world as a result of an amateurish video parodying the Prophet Muhammad. In Egypt, a radical cleric issued a fatwa calling for the killing of everyone involved in the video.

Sept. 17 Hundreds of protesters rioted in Afghanistan and Indonesiaover an anti-Islamic video. It was the first violence in Kabul after a string of mostly peaceful protests.

Sept. 15 A fragile calm took hold following violent and sometimes deadly anti-American protests that spread to more than 20 countries in the Islamic world, after a crude video promoting the anti-Muslim film “Innocence of Muslims” was shown on YouTube. On the same day, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, 55, one of the men behind the making of the incendiary video, was taken in for questioning in Los Angeles by federal probation officers concerning possible parole violations. He was not placed under arrest.

A string of anti-American riots broke out across the Islamic world in September 2012, after a short trailer for a supposed anti-Muslim film that had been posted on YouTube was promoted by a shadowy assortment of right-wing Christians in the United States.

The turmoil linked to the amateurish American-made video began on Sept. 11 in Egypt, where an angry mob breached the American Embassy’s fortified walls. That night in Libya, armed Islamic militants stormed and burned the American Consulate in Benghazi, killing the American ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, and three staff members.

By the end of the following week, protests had spread to more than two dozen countries, with demonstrators storming the American Embassy in Tunisia, a clash that left at least two people dead, and protesters in Sudan’s capital broadening the targets to includeGermany and Britain. On Sept. 21, violent crowds convulsed Pakistan’s largest cities, leaving up to 19 people dead.

There was also turmoil in Lebanon, Yemen, Bangladesh, Qatar, Kuwait, Sudan and Iraq, where demonstrations were held in Sunni and Shiite cities alike. Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, and held protests in the West Bank and Gaza. At a bazaar about 30 miles east of Jalalabad, Afghanistan, protesters burned an effigy of President Obama. A suicide bomber in Kabul killed 14 people, 10 of them foreigners.

On Sept. 15, one of the men behind the making of the video, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a former gas station owner with a record of criminal arrests and bankruptcy, was taken in for questioning in Los Angeles by federal probation officers concerning possible parole violations. He was not arrested.

Challenge in Turbulent Region
The widening unrest has challenged the Obama administration’s policy in the tinderbox region where the revolts of the so-called Arab Spring have removed many of the pro-American strongmen who once kept public displays of Islamic passion in check.

In Egypt, in particular, leaders scrambled to repair deep strains with Washington provoked by their initial response to attacks on the American Embassy on Tuesday, tacitly acknowledging that they erred in their response by focusing far more on anti-American domestic opinion than on condemning the violence.

The attacks squeezed President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood between conflicting pressures from Washington and their Islamic constituency at home, a senior Brotherhood official acknowledged. During a 20-minute phone call on Sept. 12, Mr. Obama warned Mr. Morsi that relations would be jeopardized if the authorities in Cairo failed to protect American diplomats and stand more firmly against anti-American attacks.

Assault on Diplomatic Facilities called Terrorist Attack
Interviews with Libyan witnesses and American officials have provided new details on the assault on American diplomatic facilities and the initial moblike attack, set off by a protest against “Innocence of Muslims,” that transformed into what the Obama administration, after initial hesitation, described as a terrorist attack.
The accounts leave many questions unanswered, including the identity of the attackers and how prepared they might have been to strike at an American target.

براءة المسلمين من تشكيل ليكون الفيلم الأكثر تأثيرا في العام بطريقة ملتوية. وأثار سخرية 14-minuteYouTube مقطورة للفيلم المعادي للإسلام احتجاجات عنيفة في جميع أنحاء العالم مسلم. ولكن شهدت فقط حفنة من الناس الفيلم الكامل. لقد حصلنا على السيناريو الأصلي للالبراءة روائي طويل من المسلمين. هنا هو البذور من الفوضى التي قد نشأت الكثير.
النصي 105 صفحة هو مشروع من مايو 2009. كان يسمى الفيلم المحارب الصحراوي في ذلك الوقت، الاسم الذي يستخدم أيضا أثناء إنتاجه في صيف عام 2011. وانها سيئة لا يطاق. المؤامرة رثة يحكي قصة "جورج"، وهو رجل الفاسدين الذين يؤسس الإسلام وغني عن الهيجان متعطش للدماء في الشرق الأوسط القديم. (جورج هو واضح في الوقوف لمحمد.) الأحرف هي قصاصات من الورق من البشر، والحوار يقرأ مثل شيء من إنتاج مسرح المدرسة المتوسطة. أي قيمة سينمائية هي تابعة لرسالة الفيلم، ضرباته أكثر وأكثر في الجمجمة القارئ: محمد-"جورج"، هو الشر والإسلام هو آفة بغيضة. مقطورة يوتيوب والذي فجر الاحتجاجات يختلف قليلا عن هذا السيناريو، ولكن المخطط العام هو نفسه. (تم تضمين البرنامج النصي في أسفل هذه الصفحة.)
وينسب A "سام بازل"، كما كاتب سيناريو. هذا يكاد يكون من المؤكد الاختلاف من "Bacile سام،" اسم مستعار أن المخرج المسيحية القبطية وأدين المحتال Nakoula Basseley Nakoula المستخدمة لإنتاج الفيلم. تم إنتاج النصي بواسطة يعطون بناء على مخطط من 20 صفحة Nakoula قدم له، وفقا لآخر. اليميني المسيحي الناشط ستيف كلاين كاليفورنيا قال ايضا انه تشاور على المخطوطة.
وجود النصي تلقاء نفسه بعض الأسئلة الأساسية حول ofInnocence الخلفية الدرامية التي لا تزال غامضة المسلمين. ويظهر مايو 2009 مشروع الفيلم قد تم العمل عليها لسنوات. كتب ABCreported Nakoula Basseley Nakoula النصي في حين يقضي عقوبة بالسجن 21 شهرا بتهمة الاحتيال في الفترة 2010-2011 المالية. هذا لا معنى له إذا كان موجودا النصي في عام 2009.
النصي يثبت ايضا نهائيا الفيلم موجود. وتكهن البعض بأن براءة من المسلمين كان مقطورة لفيلم وهمية، وشريط فيديو الفيروسية التي أنشئت لغضب المسلمين. لكن السيناريو طويلة يبين أن القصد دائما المشروع الذي سيصبح البراءة من المسلمين ليكون فيلم روائي طويل. في الواقع كان الإصدار الكامل من "البراءة من Mulsims ما يبدو أن الفحص الوحيد في أواخر يونيو حزيران في مسرح الكرمة في هوليوود.
قصة المحارب الصحراء يبدأ في مصر في العصر الحديث. نلتقي نوع الصيدلي المسيحية القبطية، الدكتور ماثيو

لشرطة ترفض القبض على اللصوص ويعلقون مسلم بدلا من ذلك التخريب على الأقباط.
(وهذا هو المرجح في اشارة الى حادث واقع الحياة. الأقباط تاريخيا أقلية مضطهدة في مصر في عام 1991 ومجموعة من الشبان تخريب صيدلية قبطي بعدما تردد ان صاحب الصيدلية وممارسة الجنس مع رجل مسلم.)
تدمير مصدر رزقه، والدكتور ماثيو يحاول أن يفسر لابنته لماذا الرجال دمرت صيدلية بهم، والسبب في الشرطة ساعدتهم على التغطية على الحادث. للقيام بذلك، كما يقول، لديه لشرح أصول الإسلام. هناك فلاش باك إلى المملكة العربية السعودية القديمة، ويبدأ قصة غير دقيقة جدا من حياة محمد ل.
كثير من تفاصيل قصة تناسب مع جورج سيرة محمد على. بعد وفاة والده، يظهر جورج وجده، مثل محمد. في نهاية المطاف أخذ جورج في قبل امرأة ثرية يدعى Condalesa كخادمة، وأنها تتزوج. محمد تزوج خديجة أيضا التلميح الغنية خويلد، بعد أن وضعه المسؤول عن الأعمال التجارية لها.
لكن السيناريو ينحرف بشدة عن سيرة محمد الفعلي لللأنه يتتبع ارتفاع جورج إلى السلطة. جورج يبدأ مهمته بعد الحيل Condalesa له بالاعتقاد انه النبي حتى أنها يمكن أن تستفيد من قوته. في البداية جورج لطف الوعظ الحب بين اليهود والمسلمين والمسيحيين. لكنه يتحول بعد الشر الملاك جبرائيل يظهر له على قمة أحد الجبال ويقنع به من سلطته.

  1. Here Is the Original Script for Innocence of Muslims

    Innocence of Muslims is shaping up to be the most influential movie of the year in a twisted way. A ridiculous 14-minuteYouTube trailer for the anti-Islam film sparked violent protests throughout the Muslim world. But just a handful of people have seen the full film. We've obtained the original script for the feature-length Innocence of Muslims. Here is the seed from which so much chaos has sprung.
    The 105-page script is a draft from May 2009. The film was called Desert Warrior at the time, the name also used during its production in the summer of 2011. And it's unbearably bad. The threadbare plot tells the story of "George," a corrupt man who founds Islam and goes on a bloodthirsty rampage in the ancient Middle East. (George is an obvious stand-in for Muhammed.) The characters are cardboard cutouts of humans, and the dialogue reads like something from a middle school theater production. Any cinematic value is subordinate to the film's message, bludgeoned over and over into the reader's skull: Muhammad—"George"—is evil and Islam is a hateful scourge. The YouTube trailer that sparked the protests differs slightly from this script, but the general outline is the same. (The script is embedded at the bottom of this page.)
    A "Sam Basel" is credited as the scriptwriter. This is almost certainly a variation of "Sam Bacile," the pseudonym that Coptic Christian filmmaker and convicted fraudster Nakoula Basseley Nakoula used to produce the film. The script was produced by a ghostwriter based on a 20-page outline Nakoula gave him, according to TIME. The right-wing California Christian activist Steve Klein also said he consulted on the script.
    The existence of the script clears up some key questions about the still-shadowy backstory ofInnocence of Muslims. The May 2009 draft shows the film has been in the works for years. ABCreported Nakoula Basseley Nakoula wrote the script while serving a 21-month prison sentence in 2010-2011 for financial fraud. This doesn't make sense if the script existed in 2009.
    The script also proves definitively the movie exists. Some have speculated that Innocence of Muslims was a trailer for a fake film, a viral video created to enrage Muslims. But the lengthy script shows that the project that would become Innocence of Muslims was always intended to be a feature film. In fact the full version of "Innocence of Mulsims had what appears to be its only screening in late June at Hollywood's Vine Theatre.
    The story of Desert Warrior begins in modern-day Egypt. We meet a kind Coptic Christian pharmacist, Dr. Matthew whose pharmacy is suddenly surrounded by a mob of angry Muslims. They break into his shop and loot the place:
    The police refuse to arrest the Muslim looters and instead pin the vandalism on Copts.
    (This is likely a reference to a real-life incident. Copts have historically been a persecuted minority in Egypt and in 1991 a group of young men vandalized a Copt pharmacy after rumors that the pharmacy owner was having sex with Muslim men.)
    His livelihood destroyed, Dr. Matthew tries to explain to his daughter why the men destroyed their pharmacy, and why the police helped them cover it up. To do this, he says, he has to explain the origins of Islam. There's a flashback to ancient Saudi Arabia, and a very inaccurate story of Muhammed's life begins.
    Many of the details of George's story fit with Muhammed's biography. After his father dies, George is raised by his grandfather, like Muhammed. George is eventually taken in by a wealthy woman named Condalesa as a servant, and they marry. Muhammed also married the wealthy Khadija hint Khuwaylid, after she put him in charge of her trading business.
    But the script sharply deviates from the actual biography of Muhammed as it traces George's rise to power. George begins his mission after Condalesa tricks him into believing he's the Prophet so she can benefit from his power. Initially George is kind, preaching love between Muslims, Jews and Christians. But he turns evil after the angel Gabriel appears to him on top of a mountain and convinces him of his own power.
    • Dr. Matthew tells his daughter:
    • The rest of the script details outrages committed by George and his followers as they embark on a wide-ranging, mind-numbingly repetitive spree of violence and theft. George slaughters anyone who speaks ill of him—at one point forcing a man to behead his own brother after he slights him. He rapes women, sells children as slaves, and makes hypocritical religious laws that only serve to enrich him.
    • Here, George uses his position as a prophet to justify sleeping with a married woman

    • George is likened to Osama bin Laden, as he tells his followers to kill and steal:
    • The script ends with a return to the present. Dr. Matthew compiles a list of Muslims responsible for destroying his shop to turn into the authorities, and kisses his daughter goodnight. Then there's a final shot of George to show just how evil he is:

    • Clearly, this was meant to be an unflattering portrait of Muhammed from its inception. Nakoula is an acolyte of the radical Coptic Christian preacher Zakaria Botros Henein, a notorious critic of Islam who preaches that Muhammed was a pedophile and thug. These ideas suffuse the script for Desert Warrior.
      But as the reaction to the film has spiraled out of control, key players in its creation are trying to distance themselves from it. Joseph Nasralla, the CEO of a Coptic Christian charity called Media for Christ that took out the permits to shoot the film, now claims that he was duped by Nakoula. He said he thought the movie was a generic adventure story set in the ancient Arab world.
      "The final product ... bore no resemblance to the film I thought he was making," Nassralla wrote on the blog of right-wing anti-Islam activist Pam Geller. "Nakoula altered the film without anyone's knowledge, changing its entire focus and dubbing in new dialogue."
      In the YouTube trailer some lines were dubbed over with specific references to Islam, to make the insults clearer. (George was renamed "Muhammed," for example.) An actress told us she was sickened by the words put in her mouths. But even before the tricky post-production, it would have been obvious to anyone who read the full script that the movie was a hitpiece against Islam.
      (The actors and actresses may very well have not known what they were getting into if they hadn't read the entire script and had no familiarity with Islam.)
      We were given the script by a Hollywood vet whom Nakoula had approached to work on the film.
      "I saw through the ruse right away," he said. "Anyone with a basic knowledge of Islam should have seen what the script was really about."
      Here's the full script:
      p. 1
      p. 2
      p. 3


    Protesters in Bahrain denouncing the film
    Egyptian TV host Sheikh Khaled Abdullah, in his broadcast of September 8 on Al-Nas television, criticized the film's depiction of Muhammad.[80] Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi urged the United States government to prosecute the film producers whom he referred to as "madmen".[81] The U.S. Embassy in Cairo issued a statement condemning what it called "continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims," an apparent reference to the video.[82]
    The showings of the film's trailer resulted in massive and sometimes violent protests and deaths and hundreds of injuries in several cities in the world.[83] The government of Pakistan declared a national holiday in honour of Prophet and called for peaceful protests against the film.[84] On September 17, about 500,000 Lebanese protested in Beirut at a rally where Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made a rare public appearance, calling for sustained protests against the film, calling the protests the "start of a serious movement in defense of the prophet." American diplomats at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut began destroying classified material as a security measure.[85]
    In Benghazi, Libya, heavily armed attackers killed the U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans on September 11. Some U.S. officials, speaking under anonymity, said that they believed the Benghazi attack was coordinated and planned in advance, and not prompted by the film.[86] Al-Qaeda has indicated responsibility and said it was in revenge for a U.S. drone strike which killed Libyan Abu Yahya al-Libi, an al-Qaeda leader.[87]
    On September 12, YouTube announced that it had "temporarily restricted access" to the video in Egypt and Libya.[88] Afghanistan and Iran[89] decided to censor YouTube and Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai said the makers of the film committed a "devilish act".[90] Several news services have reported that "Bacile" has gone into hiding fearing that current actions could be used as an excuse to harm him,[33] and that he continued to defend the film.[28] Saying he was sorry for the death of Stevens, "Bacile" blamed the consulate's security system.[35] Klein rejected any blame for the violent reaction to the movie, saying, "Do I feel guilty that these people were incited? Guess what? I didn't incite them. They're pre-incited, they're pre-programmed to do this."[27]
    On September 18, a female suicide bomber drove a car filled with explosives into a mini-bus with foreign aviation workers in Afghanistan, killing at least nine people, reportedly including eight South Africans and a British woman and possibly also a number of Afghans.[91] The Islamist militant group Hizb-i-Islami claimed responsibility for the attack, which was the first reported suicide bombing by a woman in the country, and said it was in response to the film.[92] The Taliban said they attacked the British military base Camp Bastionon September 14, killing two American soldiers, in a response to the film, and later claimed the base was chosen because Prince Harry was there.[93]
    The film has been condemned by the Coptic Orthodox Christian Church.[94] Bishop Serapion of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles said in a statement that it "rejects dragging the respectable Copts of the Diaspora in the latest production of an inflammatory movie about the prophet of Islam ... The name of our blessed parishioners should not be associated with the efforts of individuals who have ulterior motives."[95] In addition, the World Council of Churches stated that the film was “an insult to the heart of the Muslim faith” and “to all peoples of faith.”[96][97]
    ADL's Abraham Foxman said, "We are greatly concerned that this false notion that an Israeli Jew and 100 Jewish backers were behind the film now has legs and is gathering speed around the world. [...] In an age where conspiracy theories, especially ones of an anti-Semitic nature, explode on the Internet in a matter of minutes, it is crucial for those news organizations who initially reported on his identity to correct the record." Foxman specifically criticized "news organizations across the Arab world and anti-Semites and anti-Israel activists" for continuing to describe the filmmaker and backers as Jewish despite the fact that no Jews were involved in the making of the film.[98]


     KenyaMombasaThe Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya organized a demonstration of about 100 people in Mombasa in protest against the film.[99]
     MauritiusPort LouisHizb-Ut-Tahrir, an Islamic Cultural Association organized a peaceful march to protest against the spread of this film. The march, which was attended by about fifty people, began at the SSR Botanical Garden in Port Louis to the Office of the Embassy of the United States House. Fadlur Rahman, the leader of Hizb-Ut-Tahrir submitted a letter to the the U.S. embassy in which he requests to block access to this film on the Internet.[100]
    Top Muslim Nigerian clerics condemned the film, but advised against demonstrations. "Such actions are orchestrated by the enemies of peace to bring about chaos which must be condemned by religious leaders all over the world". Nevertheless security forces around the country were on alert for trouble.[101] Protests were held in Jos and Sokoto.[102] On Sept. 22 "tens of thousands" of demonstrators led by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in Kano. On September 24, Thousands of people protested in Kaduna[103][104]
     NigerZinderThe Niger Islamic Council has repudiated the film that has caused mass riots and called for Christian churches to be spared in the protests.[105] However, hundreds of protesters stormed and ransacked Catholic cathedral in Zinder and burned American and British flags. One policeman was injured and about a dozen protesters were arrested.[105][106]
     SomaliaMogadishuNearly a thousand people protested the film in Mogadishu, Somalia.[107]
     SudanKhartoumSeveral hundred protesters from a group called "Sudanese Youth" gathered outside of the U.S. embassy in Khartoum on September 12. The embassy met with three protesters, who delivered written demands asking for an apology and the removal of the YouTube video.[108]


     BrazilSao Paulo
    Rio de Janiero
    About 500 people held demonstations in Sao Paulo.[109]Protests were also held in Rio de Janiero[110]
    More than 100 people held demonstrations at Calgary's City Hall. Mahdi Qasqas with the Muslim Council of Calgary says that the protest does not only concern about the latest anti-Islam film. "This is not the only hate-filled, hate-speech video that’s out there — there are many," Quaqas said. "Hate is not just a phenomena [sic] that’s related to Muslims. It’s related to all minorities all non-dominant population groups and we’re here to stop all of that.”[111] On September 22, about 1,500 held demonstrations outside the U.S. Consulate in Toronto.[112]
     United StatesDearbornProtesters gathered in the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn on September 22 and is claimed to be the first protest in America. The protest did not only condemn the film but also the extreme response in the Muslim world.[113]


     AfghanistanJalalabadA demonstration of about 1,000 people was held against the film in Jalalabad. The protesters burned an effigy of U.S. President Barack Obama.[114][115]
    1,000 members of the Bangladesh Khilafat Andolan group demonstrated and attempted to march on the U.S. embassy in Dhaka, though they were stopped from approaching the embassy by police. There were no reports of violence.[116] Many more protests were held in Dhaka with the protests on September 21 seeing approximately 10,000 people. Protesters in Chittagong also torched a bus a police van and three students were arested according to the police. A nationwide strike was held nationwide in Bangladesh on September 23.
     Hong KongHong KongNearly three thousands protesters demonstrated in Hong Kong on September 24.[118]
    Demonstrations were held in SrinagarKashmir, as local imams denounced the film saying "It is our right to protest against this heinous act aimed at hurting the sentiments of the Muslims. However, we should not indulge in vandalism as we will causing harm to our own property. We shall remain peaceful." During a protest started on September 14 and continued for three days, U.S. consulate at Chennai was pelted with stones breaking some window panes, allegely by members of the Islamist Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Kazagham and as a result, issuing of Visa by the consulate was cancelled for two days. Google started blocking access of the video on Youtube from Indian IP addresses at the request of the government of India. Attempts to view the video will result in the message "This content is not available in your country due to a government removal request.[119][120] Protests were held in front of the French consulate in Puducherry. The protesters criticized U.S. and France.[121]
    An anti-American and anti-Israeli demonstration was held outsite the embassy in Jakarta by about 200 protesters.[122] Similar protests were held in Medan,[123] Makassar[124] and Surabaya[125]
     JapanTokyoAbout 300 people, with many coming from Myanmar and Pakistan, held demonstrations in the Shibuya district in Tokyo over the anti-Muslim film on September 21. The protest were originally meant to draw the attention to the condition of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar but the protests end up criticizing the United States. Organizers are planning another protests next Friday, September 28.[126]
     KyrgyzstanBishkekAround 100 people held demonstrations in Bishkek on September 25, which lasted less than 30 minutes.
     MalaysiaKuala Lumpur
    Batu Caves
    A protest was held by a group of about 30 Muslims representing various Islamic organizations at the American embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Protests were also held at Batu Caves and in the northern city of Ipoh.[127]
     MaldivesMaléProtests were held outside the United Nations building in the capital city of Malé in the Maldives over the anti-Islam film. About 200 to 400 protesters were present in the demonstrations. The protesters also set fire to an American flag outside the UN building.[128][114]
     NepalKathmanduDemonstrations were held in Kathmandu which condemns the film and calls for U.S. authorities to investigate the authors of the film.[129]
    Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Minister of Railways, offered a $100,000 award for killing the maker of the film.[130] However, Pakistani prime minister and Bilour's party condemned his remarks.[131] Protests were held at the U.S. embassy in Islamabad and in Peshawar, Karachi, and Swat by the Jamaat-e-Islami, and in Multan by Jamiat Talba Arbia and Shehri Mahaz.[130] In Lahore, demonstration was held by Tehreek-e-Hurmat-e-Rasool and 10,000 people protested against the film, despite a ban on rallies. One Pakistani died from smoke inhalation eminating from burning American flags at the rally.[132] On September 13, Altaf Hussain, chief of Mutahidda Qaumi Movement, sent a telegram to US President, US Secretary of State, Secretary General of United Nations, and Secretary General of OIC in which he demanded that the movie should be banned immediately as it has hurt the feelings of over one billion Muslims throughout the world.[133][134] On September 21, around 1,500 of people broke through the gates of St Paul's Lutheran Church in Mardan. September 22 was declared as a public holiday, 'Yaum-e-Ishq-e-Mustafa' meanings the day for the love of Mustafa, and whole Pakistan protested before and after the Jumma prayer. Hundreds of Christians protested in Sahiwal to condemn the film on September 23.[135]
    On September 15, more than 300 protesters organized in MarawiLanao del Sur over the film and burned American flags. There were threats to kill Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who is believed to be behind the controversial film. American interest remained unharmed in the province. The largest Muslim insurgent group Moro Islamic Liberation Front urged Filipino Muslims not to resort to violence.[136] More than 3,000 protesters organized another demonstrations in MarawiLanao del Sur over the film and burned American flags on September 17.[137] About 300 protesters also protested on September 24 near the U.S. embassy in Manila calling for a ban on the film. The protest leaders also said that they would file a petition to the Supreme Court of the Philippines for a ban of the posting of the film on the internet.[138] The Supreme Court granted the petition to block the film the day after the protests in Manila.[139]
     SingaporeOn Thursday, September 20, 2012, Google started blocking access of the video on Youtube from Singaporean IP addresses at the request of the government of Singapore. Attempts to view the video will result in the message "This content is not available in your country due to a government removal request.".[140]
     Sri LankaColomboAbout 2,000 protesters held demonstrations near the U.S. embassy in Colombo in protest of the film on September 21. The protesters also burned effigies of U.S. President Obama and American flags as part of the protests.[114][141]] Thousand of protesters again marched towards the embassy now also calling for a ban on American brand names.[142]
     ThailandBangkokAbout 400 people held demonstrations against the film outside the U.S. embassy in Bangkok.[143]


     AzerbaijanBakuNearly 100 people protested against the film in Baku. They were prevented from reaching the US embassey by police who arrested some 30 protestors.[144]
     BelgiumAntwerpDemonstrations were held in Antwerp in response to the anti-Islam film on September 16. The protestors chanted anti-U.S. slogans and burned an American flag. The Belgian police arrested 230 people, a leader of the Islamist group Sharia4Belgium is among those arrested.[145]
     DenmarkCopenhagenDemonstrations were held by members of Hizb ut-Tahrir in front of the U.S. embassy in Copenhagen.[146]
     FranceParisOver 100 arrested in protest of anti-Islam film outside U.S. embassy in Paris. On Saturday afternoon September 15, 2012, up to 250 protesters gathered around the U.S. embassy in Paris responding to a call put out on Facebook, police officer Pierre Coric said.[147]
    In addition, the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published caricatures of Muhammad, several of which depicted him as naked,[148] causing the French government to increase security at certain French embassies and close the embassies in about 20 countries, and riot police surrounded the offices of the magazine to protect against possible attacks. The magazine was firebombed in 2011 after an edition mockedradical Islam.[148][149][150]
    The French government banned a planned protest that was due to be held on September 22 in the Grand Mosque of Paris. Violators of the ban shall spend 6 months of imprisonment and fined 700 euros.[151]
    Protests were held by around 1,000 people in Freiburg and Muenster on September 21. About 1,500 people also held demonstrations inDortmund on September 22.[152]
     GreeceAthensOn Sept. 23 hundred of Muslims protested at the American embassey, some throwing stones, bottles and shoes at the building. Muslim inmates at a local prison lit beds on fire in solidarity with the demonstrations.[153][154]
     ItalyRomeThousands of protesters held demonstrations near the U.S. embassy in Rome on September 21.[155]
     MacedoniaSkopjeOver 100 protesters gathered around the city mosque in Skopje on September 21.[156]
     NetherlandsAmsterdamThe American consulate in Amsterdam closed earlier than usual on September 14 in anticipation of a protest. A peaceful demonstration of around 30 people took place on the Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam. Dutch politician Geert Wilders linked the Youtube videoInnocence of Muslims to his website. Shortly after it became known that Wilders had put the video online, his own website and that of theParty for Freedom became unreachable. Geert Wilders motivated his action by stating "defending freedom of expression is the greatest good. Everyone should do that as a signal that violence is not accepted and is not working."[157][158]
     NorwayOsloThousands held protests in Oslo.[159]
     RussiaKazanRussia plans to block access to YouTube if Google fails to remove the film following a court order, according to Communications MinisterNikolai Nikiforov.[160] Demonstrations were held in KazanTartarstan on September 26.[161]
     SerbiaNovi PazarIn Novi Pazar, the Torcida Sandžak group organized a protest in the form of a public march which was attended by thousands of people.[162][163] The protest was held in a peaceful manner without negative incidents.[164][165]
     SwitzerlandBernProtesters organized by the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland were held in Bern on September 23. The organizer president, Nikola Blawnshow blamed U.S. officials for producing the film. He also criticized the French government for banning protests against the film while at the same time allowing Charlie Hebdo magazine, to publish cartoon depictions of Prophet Mohammad.[166]
     TurkeyIstanbulHundreds gathered at Beyazit Square in Istanbul in a peaceful demonstration against the film called by the Turkish Felicity Party (aka as Saadet Party), a marginal conservative party not represented in the Turkish parliament.[167]
    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called on the international community to recognize Islamophobia as a crime against humanity.[168] He also said: "Legal and peaceful protest by Muslims is a useful and correct thing; but a protest cannot envisage any kind of violence or terrorism”.[169]
    The movie was blocked access by Ministry of Transport and Communication.[170]
     UkraineSimferopolDemonstrations were held in Simferopol in the Ukrainian autonomous Republic of Crimea.[171]
     United KingdomLondon
    A demonstration of 200 people gathered outside the U.S. embassy in London, burning the U.S. and Israeli flags. The Daily Mail reported Anjem Choudary was leading the flag-burning protests. No reports of violence.[114][172][173] A smaller protest involving around 100 people was also reported in Birmingham outside the Bullring shopping centre on September 21.[174] Around 100 Muslim protesters held a demonstration inCardiff, displaying placards including 'USA burn in hell' and 'Islam for France'.[175] The demonstration was organised by Abu Hajar, a member of Islamic path, a group that is listed as a proscribed terrorist organisation by the UK Home office.[176] There were no reports of violence.

    Middle East and North Africa

     AlgeriaKoubaA demonstration of about 60 people were held in the town of Kouba. The protesters chanted slogans praising Islam and Prophet Muhammad and rejected Islamophobia and insults to religious symbols.[177]
     BahrainDirazA demonstration of 2,000 protesters was held in Diraz, a focal point for Shiite opposition to the Sunni monarchy.[167]
     EgyptCairoProtests were held in Cairo, outside the U.S. embassy. [178] Egypt requested that the international organization Interpol issue an international wanted persons alert for eight people who were linked to the film, on charges of "harming the unity of the nation and defamation of the Islamic religion". Among those people is the controverisal pastor, Terry Jones, who allegedly helped promote the film.[179][180]
     IranTehranProtests occurred outside the Swiss embassy in Tehran which represents American interests in the Islamic Republic. Iranian police prevented the protesters from reaching the embassy gates, and no injuries were reported. The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned the film as "an insult to sacred Muslim figures" while criticizing the response of the United States government.[181] In response to the film, Ayatollah Hassan Sanei, the leader of the state-linked religious foundation that originally placed a bounty on Salman Rushdie's head, increased the reward by $500,000 to whoever kills Rushdie. This increases the reward to $3.3 million, despite Rushdie having nothing to do with Innoncence of Muslims and even actually condemning it.[182][183][184] Iran announced that in protest of the film, it would boycott the 2013 Oscars.[185]
     IraqSadr City
    Hundreds protested against the film in Baghdad's Sadr City and in Basra. A smaller crowd protested in Najaf. Protesters burned American flags, chanted "Death to America" and called on the Iraqi government to expel the American diplomats. The protests were organized by Shi'ite leader Moqtada al-Sadr and, at least in Basra, included both Sunni and Shi'ite clerics. In Hilla in the Shiite-dominated southern region, American and Israeli flags were burned. In Samarra clerics demanded a boycott of American goods.[186][187]
     IsraelTel Aviv
    About 50 members of the Islamic Movement in Israel protested in front the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, alleging that the United States' government sponsors "little people" who hurt Islam and Muslims. There were no clashes or disturbances. In Acre, Arab protestors said that "only Islamic rule throughout the world will make peace. Jews and Christians can live without fear under the wings of Islam." Some chanted support for Osama bin Laden as well.[188][189][190] Soon after, a few hundred Arab protestors attempted to march from the Temple Mount to the American consulate, and threw stones at police, who broke up the protest and prevented them from reaching the American consulate.[191]
     JordanAmmanIn Amman, 200 Salafis demonstrated at the U.S. embassy while 1,400 Muslim Brotherhood supporters in central Amman.[192]
    Protestors torched a KFC and a Hardee's in Tripoli.[193] Over 1,000 people also held protests on September 21 in Beirut.[194]
     KuwaitKuwait CityAn anti-American demonstration was held outside the U.S. embassy in Kuwait by about 200 protesters.[122]
     MauritaniaNouakchottProtests were held in the capital, Nouakchott.[195]
    Agence France Press reported that 300 to 400 protesters had gathered outside the U.S. Consulate in Casablanca on September 12, amid a heavy presence of Moroccan police. The protest was non-violent, organized via social media and did not appear to be organized by a specific group. Around 200 hardline Islamists gathered in Salé, twin town to the Moroccan capital Rabat, shouting anti-U.S. slogans and burning U.S. flags.[196][197]
    About 50 protesters blockaded all roads towards the U.S. embassy in Muscat to protest against the controversial film. Protests were also held in the center of Salalah by about 50 people[198]
     Palestinian territoriesGaza
    Protests were reported in the Gaza Strip as being called for by the Hamas government's Ministry of Religious Endowments in front of thePalestinian Legislative Council building in Gaza city. Dozens of Palestinians protested, while some burned American and Israeli flags, chanting, "Death to America! Death to Israel!" International agencies closed their offices in Gaza for a day as a precautionary measure. The following day, several hundred Palestinians across the Gaza strip protested the film, with Hamas and the smaller Islamic Jihad faction encouraging protests. In Gaza city several hundred took to the streets, burned American and Israeli flags along with an effigy of the film's producer. Several hundred people protested in Nablus in the northern West Bank and burned an American flag.[189][199][200]
     QatarDohaAt least 2,000 people marched towards the U.S. embassy in Doha from the Omar ibn Al-Khatab mosque alongside the Doha Expressway on September 14 denouncing the controversial film.[201]
     Saudi ArabiaBuraidahA protest was held outside of McDonald's in Buraidah.[202]
     SyriaDamascusA demonstration of 200 people march on the empty U.S. embassy in Damascus.[167]
     TunisiaTunisIrish Times reports that 200 protesters demonstrated in front of the United States embassy in Tunis, throwing rocks, burning the American flag and chanting slogans. They were dispersed by police with teargas and rubber bullets.[203]
     United Arab EmiratesThe Telecommunication and Regulatory Authority of the UAE commanded Etisalat and Du to block the video on Youtube and mirror sites on the September 17, 2012 as a violation of cultural norms.[204]



    Demonstrators carrying signs at the Sydney protest

    On September 15, 2012, up to 500 people gathered to protest the film outside the United States Consulate General in Martin Place, SydneyNew South Wales. Demonstrators, including children,[205] carried signs with messages such as "Behead all those who insult the Prophet". Police attempted to form a line in front of the protesters however the line broke which caused the demonstration to become mobile. Police used pepper spray and deployed police dogs amid violent confrontations with protesters. Six police officers, several protesters and civilians were injured, two police vehicles were also damaged in the protest. Protesters directly attacked police by throwing projectiles and assaulting officers with banners, the latter led to one officer being knocked unconscious.[206][207]

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        مكدسة وزيرة الخارجية هيلاري كلينتون يومها الكاملة الأولى للدبلوماسية في اجتماع هذا العام للامم المتحدة السنوي للجمعية العامة، والمعروف أيضا باسم UNGA، من خلال اللقاء مع قادة بعض حلفاء الولايات المتحدة الأكثر تحديا في المنطقة شابتها الاضطرابات الأهلية الأخيرة.
        كان كلينتون الجلوس لقاءات مع الرئيس آصف علي زرداري في باكستان وأفغانستان حامد كرزاي والرئيس الليبي محمد يوسف Magariaf، قبل إنهاء مساء الاثنين محادثات مع الرئيس المصري محمد مرسي.
        التقى الأمين والوفد المرافق لها مع مرسي والوفد المرافق له لمدة ساعة تقريبا، وفقا لمسؤولين كبار في وزارة الخارجية. ووصف مسؤول الاجتماع بأنه "مريح جدا ودافئة،" وقال إن مرسي بدأ الاجتماع بتأكيد التزام مصر بحماية البعثات الدبلوماسية الامريكية، وقالت كلينتون أن الحكومة المصرية تدرك أن لديها واجب حماية السفارات وانها واجب انه يأخذ على محمل الجد.
        وأوضح المسؤول أنه منذ الاحتجاجات العنيفة الأولية 11 سبتمبر واجهت مصر أكثر كثيرة، ولكن لم تكن هناك أي حوادث أخرى من الأضرار التي لحقت السفارات والقنصليات الأميركية، وقوات الأمن علامة يفعلون وظائفهم.
        في مؤتمر صحفي في وقت متأخر ليلة الاثنين، وقال المسؤول ايضا ان كلينتون ناقشت العلاقة مرسي ومصر مع إسرائيل في ظل حكومة يقودها الإخوان مسلم جديد. وقال المسؤول مرسي المتكررة تصريحات سابقة، مؤكدا أن مصر لديها كل النية لتكريم معاهدة كامب ديفيد مع إسرائيل، وتواصل العمل على إبقاء خطوط التواصل الجيد مفتوحة بين البلدين.
        واعترف كل من مسؤولي وزارة الخارجية أن مصر لديها طريق صعبة قادمة في تشكيل الديمقراطية الجديدة إلا أن كلينتون أكدت أنه على الرغم من مرسي دعوة بعض النواب لمساعدات مصر الى قطع، وقالت انها سوف تستمر في الدعوة للحصول على الدعم المالي الأميركي.

        "ونحن نفهم أنه قد يكون هناك أعضاء الذين لديهم أسئلة، ولكن وجود دعم قوي من الحزبين لمصر كونها نجاح الديمقراطية، لأن ذلك يصب في مصلحة أمننا القومي أن تحدث"، وقال واحد.
        وكان في استقبال خطة مصر لتشمل إيران في أي مفاوضات بشأن نهاية إراقة الدماء في سوريا بتشكك الثقيلة من قبل كلينتون والوفد المرافق لها. وصفه بأنه جزء صغير في المحادثة، ورفض مسؤول لا مبادرة مصر تماما، لكنه قال ان الولايات المتحدة لديها دائما "المخاوف عندما تعمل ايران".
        على الرغم من جلب المضادة للمسلم فيلم "البراءة من المسلمين"، والتي أثارت احتجاجات عالمية في جميع أنحاء العالم مسلم، حتى لفترة وجيزة في الاجتماع، وقال المسؤول، فهم مرسي الفيلم لم يكن انعكاسا لحكومة الولايات المتحدة، واعترف أنه ينبغي لا يمكن استخدامها ذريعة للعنف.
        اجتماع وزيرة الخارجية كلينتون مع الرئيس الباكستاني زرداري، ومع ذلك، بدأت بمناقشة الفيديو، على الرغم من القضايا المستمر بين البلدين، بما في ذلك استخدام طائرات بدون طيار، وسجن الطبيب الذي ساعد مع عملية لقتل اسامة بن لادن، والإعلان من شبكة حقاني باعتبارها جماعة ارهابية.
        "إن اجتماع اليوم مع الرئيس زرداري بدأت مرة أخرى في أعمال العنف الأخيرة بسبب الفيديو"، وقال آخر مسؤول رفيع بوزارة الخارجية مع السلطة للتعليق. "لقد كان لدينا دعم جيد للغاية من مصادر الأمن الباكستانية في حماية مراكزنا وموظفينا، ونحن أنفقت قدرا كبيرا من الوقت في الحديث عن العنف في جميع أنحاء المنطقة."
        بعد أن انتهى الحديث عن شريط الفيديو، تحولوا لقضايا مكافحة الإرهاب، حيث كلينتون وزرداري اتفقا على دعم مجموعة عمل مشتركة لمكافحة الإرهاب التي من شأنها تلبية طوال العام.
        كانت محفوظة تحية كلينتون لطيفا أكثر فظيا وعلنا لMagariaf الرئيس الليبي، الذي شكرت مرة أخرى للتدفق الدعم للشعب الليبي وقد أظهرت أمريكا بعد مقتل السفير كريس ستيفنز وثلاثة دبلوماسيين أخرى في وقت سابق من هذا الشهر.
        "إن الولايات المتحدة فخورة بالوقوف معكم والشعب الليبي وأنتم قاتلوا من أجل بلدكم في العام الماضي"، وقال كلينتون. واضاف "وسوف نستمر في الوقوف معكم وتكتب الآن مستقبل ليبيا كدولة ديمقراطية جديدة من شأنها أن تعطي كل شعبك فرصة الحصول على مستقبل أفضل."
        ردا على سؤال حول الاجتماعات العامة كلينتون الثنائية عقد مع رؤساء الدول بدلا من الرئيس أوباما، وقال مسؤول بوزارة الخارجية الامريكية للصحفيين في مؤتمر صحفي يوم الاثنين ان الرئيس لديه كمية محدودة من الوقت، وكان لجعل "الخيارات".
        وقال مسؤول آخر بوزارة الخارجية الأميركية أوباما لا تفي بأي قادة العالم في نيويورك كان "بخير" القرار، مشيرا الى ان لكلينتون لديها بالفعل وجود علاقة مع العديد من الشركات الرائدة في السؤال، اجتماعها معهم في UNGA هو مجرد استمرار الطبيعية لسياسة الولايات المتحدة الخارجية الحالية.
        "هذه هي أيضا العلاقات التي كانت قد ساعدته على الحفاظ على طول الطريق من خلال،" حسبما ذكر المسؤول.

        Written by
        Sam Basel   (NAKOULA BELEY NAKOULA)
        DRAFT 5/1/09
        FADE IN:
        1 EXT. SMALL VILLAGE - DAY 1
        Wide shot of a small village that seems to be a strange
        mixture of both current and ancient ways of life, but that is
        somewhat common for this part of the world.
        Across the bottom of the screen it reads:
        We follow an average man in his forty's, CONSTABLE ALI, as he
        walks down this quiet village street and we can hear the
        distant sound of many ANGRY MALE VOICES. We cannot tell what
        they are saying, nor does it seem close enough to be of any
        consequence at the moment. Constable Ali enters a small
        2 INT. PHARMACY - DAY 2
        Inside the pharmacy DOCTOR MATTHEW, a man in his thirties,
        comes from around the counter to greet Constable Ali with a
        big smile and lots of enthusiasm.
        Ahhh, Constable Ali. How are you?
        They shake hands.
        I am very good Doctor. Very good,
        thank you.
        That is good, I am glad to hear it.
        He reaches back to the counter and grabs a SMALL VILE that he
        turns and holds out for Constable Ali.
        Here. This is the medicine for
        your wife. It should make her feel
        Constable Ali takes the medicine.
        And how much do I owe you, Doctor?
        Forget it my friend. It is on us.
        Come now Doctor, every time your
        wife examines a member of my family
        and every time we need medicine,
        you refuse to take any money. You
        do too much for us.
        It is all right. We are neighbors.
        And as neighbors we must look out
        for one another, yes? Oh and before
        I forget...
        Calling out to someone off screen.
        Mary, please bring the other thing
        for Constable Ali.
        Other thing? What other thing?
        I hope you like it.
        The Doctor's seventeen year old daughter, MARY, enters from
        the back carrying a large COVERED POT.
        Mary, give the pot of food to
        Constable Ali.
        Wow, even food! I cannot accept
        this Doctor.
        You must take it. It is something
        simple because your wife needs her
        nutrition while taking the
        The Doctor looks to the pot that Mary is holding and then
        back to Constable Ali.
        Take it please... for your wife.
        Constable Ali looks to the Doctor, in his eyes, and while
        both men know what is really going on here, neither of them
        speaks of it.
        For my wife.
        He takes the pot from Mary.
        Thank you Doctor.
        You are welcome. Go now and give
        the medicine and the food to your
        Constable Ali blesses him and as he turns to walk out another
        man passes him, coming into the Pharmacy. This is AM AHMED, a
        poor man in his early fifties, who is dressed in nothing more
        then rags.
        Am Ahmed hands a piece of PAPER to the Doctor.
        AM AHMED
        Doctor, this is the prescription
        for the medication that my son
        The Doctor looks at the piece of paper then goes behind his
        counter and grabs a small BOTTLE that he brings back out to
        the man.
        Here is your prescription. That
        will be ten pounds.
        Am Ahmed gets frustrated.
        AM AHMED
        Ten pounds, oh no. But I do not
        have ten pounds Doctor.
        How much do you have Am Ahmed?
        Am Ahmed pulls out his MONEY and can count it just by looking
        at it.
        AM AHMED
        I have only seven pounds Doctor.
        Then that is the price for your
        prescription. I will pay the
        He gives the Doctor the MONEY and turns to leave.
        AM AHMED
        Thank you Doctor.
        A crowd of angry MEN, numbering near thirty, are coming down
        the street waving STICKS, AXES and KNIVES and shouting out
        loud. A lot of them have their faces covered with SCARVES but
        not all of them. The MAN leading this is the most vocal of
        all. He is SHEIKH METWALI, a very angry Man about forty years
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR!
        Let us attack! Let us begin the
        Jihad! Kill the infidels and rid
        our country of them. Whomever wants
        to enter paradise, let him kill the
        The crowd is really worked up now. They start running through
        the streets, attacking anybody and destroying everything they
        A MAN runs up and slams the business end of a HATCHET right
        into the stomach of another MAN, causing him to double over
        then drop.
        Another MAN from the mob throws a large ROCK and we SEE it
        crash into the large plate GLASS WINDOW of a small shop.
        Another MAN from the mob throws a ROCK, and we SEE the rock
        as it hits a WOMAN square in the face, knocking her right off
        of her feet and to the ground.
        Another MAN runs out into the middle of the street, pleading
        with the mob.
        VILLAGER 1
        Please... please... do not do this!
        But there is no mercy here. Six MEN from the mob converge on
        him from all directions and beat him down on the ground with
        large, thick STICKS. Once he is down a few others begin
        stabbing him brutally with KNIVES.
        4 INT. PHARMACY - DAY 4
        Doctor Matthews hears all the commotion outside and rushes
        over to look out the door. He is shocked at what he sees.
        He leaves his office and locks the door while he shouts to
        his wife and children who are in their apartment upstairs.
        Hurry, let us barricade for the
        As he rushes over to the stairs and begins to run up, he can
        see his WIFE and TWO DAUGHTERS standing at the top of the
        What is it my husband?
        He yells to them as he runs up the stairs.
        There's an angry mob in the
        streets. Go inside. Go inside now!
        His DAUGHTERS are crying as he makes it to the top of the
        stairs and pushes them all inside the door and slams it
        behind him.
        Inside the apartment, Doctor Matthew immediately begins to
        nail BOARDS up across the door to barricade himself and his
        family inside.
        6 EXT. PHARMACY - DAY 6
        The mob has reached the Pharmacy and they go right for the
        building, throwing BRICKS through the WINDOWS and trying to
        break the DOOR down, but have little success at that.
        We SEE Constable Ali, out in the street, still holding the
        POT of food that Doctor Matthew had given him. He calls out
        to these men. As he speaks, he kicks an old TREE TRUNK that
        is right by the side of the road.
        Men! Men! Here, use this tree trunk
        to break down the door of this
        forsaken Christian.
        A handful of the MEN run over, haul up the tree trunk and
        then easily break down the pharmacy door with it. The men
        rush inside.
        7 INT. PHARMACY - DAY 7
        The MEN rush into the Pharmacy pushing RACKS of items over so
        that they hit the floor. All of the things on them scatter
        out in all directions. They also break everything they can
        with their AXE HANDLES and other WEAPONS they carry, all the
        time shouting as they do so.
        MOB MEMBER 1
        Destroy everything!
        MOB MEMBER 2
        Yes, and kill the infidels!
        DOCTOR MATTHEW is crouched down in a corner of his apartment
        with an arm around the shoulders of his WIFE and the other
        around both of his young DAUGHTERS. His wife and daughters
        are sobbing and frightened.
        Do not be scared. Do not be scared.
        9 EXT. PHARMACY - DAY 9
        The MEN are all outside once again as one of them shouts out.
        MOB MEMBER 2
        Set the place on fire. We will burn
        out these forsaken Christians.
        All of the MEN cheer at this idea and then others start
        throwing BURNING TORCHES into the Pharmacy through the BROKEN
        WINDOWS. Within seconds the entire place is beginning to go
        up in a blaze of FIRE and a huge plume of BLACK SMOKE goes up
        into the sky.
        We SEE several POLICEMEN arrive to break up what is happening
        here and push the mob members back.
        (to Christian man)
        I saw you start this fire. You’re
        coming with me.
        I’m innocent. I’ve done nothing.
        Ask anyone here.
        It is true. He is not to blame.
        Captain Gamal grabs her son, only 4 years old, in a
        threatening manner.
        This man started the fire, didn’t
        Yes. Yes. Please let my son go.
        Gamel releases the boy and takes the MAN into custody.
        I thought so.
        One of the OFFICERS grabs a MOB member who threw a burning
        torch into the Pharmacy.
        (to Officer)
        Not him. Only arrest the
        The Officer lets him go free.
        Some NEIGHBORS bring a LADDER that they take to the side of
        the building and use to get Doctor Matthew's family out of a
        second story WINDOW, before the fire and smoke is able to
        catch them.
        The first ones down the ladder are the two young DAUGHTERS
        and then Doctor Matthew's WIFE starts down.
        Finally DOCTOR MATTHEW himself comes down the ladder and
        within mere seconds of him making it to the bottom, the
        entire building goes up in FLAMES. He sobs as he puts his
        arms around his wife and daughters.
        Thank God we are not hurt. We still
        have each other, unlike the others
        who have been killed.
        Then Dr. Matthews looks up and he locks eyes with CONSTABLE
        ALI, who is not far away and still holds the POT of food.
        They look at each other for a moment and then Constable Ali
        turns and walks away, showing no shame at all.
        A VILLAGE OFFICIAL appears on the scene and he is angry at
        what he sees has taken place. He calls out loud to everyone.
        Who the hell started this?
        A man steps up and answers him.
        MAN 1
        We heard Sheikh Metwali calling for
        Jihad in the Mosque.
        And where is this Sheikh Metwali?
        He looks all around and then calls out louder.
        Where is Sheikh Metwali? You will
        step forward, now!
        The CROWD begins to part and through them comes SHEIKH
        I am Sheikh Metwali.
        General Makhlof steps right up into the face of Sheikh
        Explain to me what is going on
        I believe that the Christians would
        attack us, so we must attack them
        first. You know that war is the art
        of deception.
        Without warning General Makhlof strikes Sheikh Metwali across
        the face with the back of his hand.
        You are a stupid man. Get out of my
        While Sheikh Metwali is angry at this he does not have the
        courage to stand up to General Makhlof, so he turns and walks
        away. Then General Khalil Makhlof calls out to everybody
        Everybody go home. Go home now or I
        will put you all in jail!
        Hearing that, the crowd begins to disperse rather quickly.
        Doctor Matthews approaches General Makhlof.
        Sir, are you not going to arrest
        any of them?
        There is no point. They have not
        broken any Islamic laws and
        therefore the courts will do
        nothing. My hands are tied.
        Other Official’s take into custody a number of Christians.
        They tie their hands and treat them badly.
        Why do you arrest these Christians
        when they have done nothing wrong?
        Ask Captain Gamel and Captain
        Elbadry. They are in charge now.
        I will teach the Christians a
        lesson. I will make them confess to
        The Doctor looks at him understanding his message.
        I understand. Thank you for
        everything you have done for us.
        High OVERHEAD SHOT: Looking down on the village street as the
        people are moving away.
        DISSOLVE TO:
        In a small, unassuming house, DOCTOR MATTHEW is sitting in
        the main room with his WIFE and TWO DAUGHTERS.
        Father, what happened in the court
        about the twenty-three Christian’s
        killed in our city.
        DR. MATTHEW
        The police arrested 1400 Christians
        and tortured them to make them
        confess to everything... even about
        killing other Christians.
        The police covered up to protect
        the Muslim mob. This is the same
        that happened in Sanbo City and Abo
        Korkas where the Muslims were also
        found not guilty.
        This is not fair. Why don’t we go
        to the Pope and tell him. Maybe he
        can do something with the Egyptian
        DR. MATTHEW
        Because they don’t listen to him.
        Under Islamic law no Muslim’s shall
        be convicted for a death of a non-
        (an idea comes to mind)
        Daughters, come close. I want you
        to sit and listen while I tell you
        a story so that you can better
        understand why things are the way
        they are today.
        What kind of story Father?
        A story of how this all began. Now
        listen and most importantly
        Yes Father.
        This is a story that all children
        should learn about, but very few
        ever do. A long, long time ago...
        about fourteen hundred years...
        there was a baby born and no one
        knew who was the father of the
        child... and no man made claim to
        him... at least not right away.
        DISSOLVE TO:
        DR. MATTHEW (CONT'D)
        11 EXT. THE DESERT - DAY 11
        WIDE SHOT of a very desolate area of the Arabian Desert. In
        the shot we can SEE one LARGE TENT and a few SMALLER ONES.
        There are also CAMELS, GOATS, DONKEYS and SHEEP.
        Closer: Off to the side an OLD WOMAN, named OM ZALAT, in
        ROBES, is busy milking an uncooperative GOAT.
        Another angle: We can SEE that far off in the distance a
        small DUST CLOUD is rising into the sky. Someone is coming.
        By the large tent steps up a MAN in his early thirties named
        ASH-ABB and he sees the dust cloud in the distance and gets
        excited by it.
        What is that I see? It is a dust
        storm filling the air! Oh my God,
        it's the caravans! Oh the amazing
        power of the Gods. Master Abd
        Allaat is returning and bringing
        the riches of the land of the
        Euphrates. I hope that he has
        brought back the silk shirt I asked
        him for.
        OM ZALAT stands from where she had been milking the goat and
        she too is excited at this news.
        OM ZALAT
        I am sure that Master Abd Allaat
        will not forget to bring a new
        cloak for me from the land of the
        Master Abd Allaat is an honest and
        generous man. I am sure he will not
        forget his loyal subjects.
        OM ZALAT
        I shall tell Master William the
        good news and obtain the reward for
        doing it.
        She calls toward the large tent.
        OM ZALAT (CONT’D)
        Master, Master the caravan is here.
        It is time for the reunion!
        Feeling a bit left out Ash-Abb speaks to himself at first.
        How could I forget to give the good
        news to my Master? I was the first
        to see the caravan approaching.
        (louder toward the big
        Master! Master William, our great
        elder. The son who you have been
        waiting for has finally returned.
        Then we SEE an ELDERLY MAN, in his seventies, with a large
        WHITE BEARD and a majestic presence, as he steps out of the
        larger tent. This is William. At the moment he is a bit
        What is this noise? You sound like
        howling dogs. What is this
        screaming boy and this screaming
        woman? Are we being attacked by a
        wolf or by the Romans or the
        Persians? Tell me you dumb boy,
        what happened? Did a snake bite off
        your tongue? Speak quickly, by our
        Gods, speak now that you have
        awakened me from my sleep.
        The caravan and Master Abd Allaat
        are coming Master.
        Om Zalat chimes in as well.
        OM ZALAT
        From the land of the Euphrates
        Master. The good news! The good
        (with great joy)
        Is it true? Is it true that they
        are near? My eyes are old but I can
        see the dust cloud and what a
        wondrous site it is indeed. Praise
        be to Allaat and Al-ozza.
        Ash-Aab and Om Zalat both praise the Gods as well.
        ASHAB & OM ZALAT
        Praise Allaat and Al-ozza.
        Then William speaks again but this time it is more to himself
        than any body else.
        (to himself)
        I will take my son Abd Allaat to
        celebrate many days of happiness.
        We will go together and each get
        married. I will marry Hala the
        daughter of Wahib and my son Abd
        Allaat shall marry Amma daughter of
        Wahib. We shall be married on the
        same night. We shall seal the
        marriage contracts at the same time
        and council.
        (then he speaks louder)
        What a great surprise to everyone!
        Men of Quresh, butcher the
        sacrifices and kindle the fires.
        Let us eat, be happy and thank the
        Gods because my son and I will be
        married on the same night. Dance,
        oh women of Quresh! You shall dance
        12 INT. LARGE TENT - NIGHT 12
        It is the celebration. Many people are present, eating and
        drinking and all are dressed in their best robes. The two
        best dressed men are William and his son Abd Allaat, who are
        both seated at the head of a long table that is covered with
        food and drink. Also seated with them is Abd Allaat's older
        brother, Luke.
        A MAN close by addresses them.
        ONE OF THE MEN
        A blessed wedding Master William
        and Master Abd Allaat.
        Is that how you do it my father?
        Get married with your son?
        (He laughs)
        I must admit that you my father do
        indeed put the young men to shame.
        William laughs at this.
        I know that my son, you have said
        nothing new.
        They all smile and laugh at this.
        13 EXT. TENTS - NIGHT 13
        On a very clear night, both William and Abd Allaat each lead
        a CAMEL, on which sits their BRIDES. Each man leads his camel
        to a different tent and then carries his new wife inside of
        that tent.
        14 EXT. DESERT - DAY 14
        William and ABD ALLAAT are riding on HORSES and SLAVES are
        behind them leading CAMELS by their reins. There are also
        some SHEEP and GOATS being herded behind them by other
        slaves. The two men on the horses pause for a moment.
        Abd Allaat, it is time to depart my
        ABD ALLAAT
        Father, you know that I have been
        with my wife for more than a month
        now, but I must not let my business
        be delayed any further.
        I know son, and where will you be
        departing to?
        ABD ALLAAT
        To the land of Sryia this time. I
        ask of you to take good care of my
        wife, Amma. She is part of your
        household now and she is in need of
        your care father.
        Indeed, my son. She is in my safe
        keeping, remain assured. Go in the
        care of the Gods.
        Abd Allaat nods to his father then turns his horse just a bit
        so he can wave to his WIFE who is standing near the opening
        of a tent. Nothing on her is visible but her eyes.
        Then Abd Allaat rides away, followed by his slaves with the
        camels, goats and sheep. The wife turns sadly and enters the
        William sits alone on his horse as he watches his son and the
        small CARAVAN move off into the distance. He is sad to be
        saying goodbye and it is obvious by the tone of his voice.
        WILLIAM (CONT’D)
        May the Gods protect you my son, so
        that I may see you again before my
        15 EXT. DESERT - DAY 15
        A view of the TENTS and other things that make up the realm
        of William. Across the bottom of the screen it reads:
        "Some Months Later"
        Women are slapping their faces and putting SAND on their
        heads in despair, as the MEN are calling out loud.
        MAN 1
        We have received news of the death
        of Abd Allaat, husband of Amma,
        daughter of Wahib and the son of
        Master William.
        MAN 2
        Poor Abd Allaat, he only spent one
        month with his new wife.
        MAN 3
        My wife, who is a midwife, has told
        me that the wife of William is
        MAN 2
        Is the wife of Abd Allaat also
        MAN 3
        That is what the coming days will
        show my friend.
        Then William steps out of his tent along with his other son,
        It is a sad day indeed when a
        father outlives his son. No father
        should ever be expected to do so. I
        shall regret this day until the end
        of my days.
        The other MEN all come toward him to comfort him.
        WILLIAM (CONT’D)
        May the Gods reward you sons of
        Yarab for your sadness, and may you
        find many blessings in your life.
        DISSOLVE TO:
        16 EXT. DESERT - DAY 16
        Wide shot of William's TENT. There are some SLAVES and some
        ANIMALS out and about and all looks normal. Across the bottom
        of the screen it reads:
        "Six Years Later"
        17 INT. WILLIAM'S TENT - DAY 17
        William's son Luke comes into the tent carrying a young male
        CHILD of about two years of age.
        Father, Master of Quresh.
        Walking up from the back of the tent, William responds to
        Yes, yes. What have you brought,
        Luke holds out the child.
        Look Father.
        What is this Luke? Have you had a
        child for two years or more without
        me even knowing it. What a sly one
        you are my son.
        No Father, I swear by the Gods,
        this is not my child.
        Then to whom does this child
        He is... he is... Well, she claims
        it to be...
        Speak! Who claims what?
        Amma, daughter of Wahib, the wife
        to my dead brother and your dead
        son has said...
        (cutting him off)
        May she go to hell! She
        disappeared after the death of her
        husband and I do not know to where
        she has gone.
        She is dead, but before her death
        she claimed this boy to be the son
        of my brother Abd Allaat.
        (getting angry)
        A son of Abd Allaat? A son of two
        years? This is preposterous! This
        is a scandal! My son has been dead
        for six years!
        Calm down father.
        How can I calm down? My son cannot
        possibly have a son of two years!
        We married on the same day and I
        have a son, Hamzah, who is six
        years old now. What madness is
        I understand father, but we must
        conceal this disgrace. You must
        take him and raise him for you are
        the master of our tribe. Raise him
        as one of your slaves if you must.
        And what shall I call him? Who
        shall I attribute him to?
        His name is George and we can call
        the father unknown.
        William turns and takes a few deep breaths as he considers
        what his son has said. After a few moments he turns back to
        his son.
        You are right my son. It shall be
        as you say. Go now, for this has
        saddened me greatly.
        Yes father.
        George grows up with William’s
        family as a slave. After William
        died, Luke took him to his home.
        When George grew up he worked for a
        rich lady named Condalesa, until he
        became 23 years old.
        19 INT. BEDOUIN HOME - DAY 19
        In a lavishly furnished Bedouin home we meet Condalesa, an
        attractive WOMAN of forty-five, who is very well dressed and
        richly adorned in JEWELRY. She is sitting in the main room
        and a MAID is at her feet giving her a pedicure. We HEAR a
        loud commotion outside. Several of her SLAVES are present and
        she speaks to one of them in particular.
        Slave, what is this loud noise I
        hear outside?
        SLAVE 1
        It is the caravan belonging to my
        Lady returning from the land of
        Iraq and at its head is George,
        your servant.
        Very well, bring him to me as soon
        as he arrives.
        SLAVE 1
        Yes indeed my Lady.
        The slave moves off and Condalesa speaks to her MAID.
        Today I will speak to George.
        George the unknown father?
        The son of Abd Allaat, he is an
        orphan, rejected and despised by
        the people of his family. Once I
        marry him I will control him.
        But everyone attributes him to be
        the unknown father and claims that
        his mother...
        I said, I will control him.
        Then the slave she spoke to earlier comes back into the room.
        SLAVE 1
        My Lady.
        What is it?
        SLAVE 1
        George has arrived with the
        Send him in and you stay out.
        SLAVE 1
        Yes my Lady.
        The slave exits the room.
        George, a man in his early twenties is sitting down with a
        SLAVE GIRL on his side, eating a drum stick. Condalesa’s
        SLAVE enters and kicks George with her foot.
        SLAVE 1
        George, your Lady wants you.
        My Lady?
        He jumps up to leave, giving the drum stick to the Slave
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Don’t finish it.
        George exits.
        George is dressed in clothing of a very moderate value. He
        comes in and bows before Condalesa.
        Come in George and sit.
        I am not worthy of such honor.
        Condalesa points to the spot she has chosen.
        Sit here. I command you.
        As you wish my Lady.
        He sits and reaches into his robe as he is not wearing
        anything under his robe. Condalesa notices this and is
        You embarrass me. Please cover
        (he adjusts himself)
        I have your money here and the
        caravan outside is full of all of
        your goods.
        Forget about that for now. I wanted
        to meet you because I have another
        thought on my mind. You know that I
        have been a widow twice and I have
        daughters and a lot of money. My
        family is well - known. But I am
        now forty-five years old and I need
        a good husband.
        And am I privileged to know who the
        lucky man is?
        You George. You will be my new
        George is shocked.
        Me? You are joking. I can only
        dream of such things.
        It is said and done. Go an bring
        Luke and meet me at my cousin
        Warren, the Christian priest. We
        will consummate the marriage
        agreement there on the basis of
        Christian teachings. It will be
        under the doctrine of one wife.
        As you wish.
        George, you must come with better
        This is the best of what I have.
        Slave, slave give him some new
        clothes... and a shower please.
        Thank you. Thank you.
        George exits, still very excited at the prospect of marrying
        George enters and takes the drumstick from the Slave Girl and
        starts eating it.
        23 INT. WARREN’S HOME - DAY 23
        Inside of this very average Christian home we SEE WARREN the
        Priest, who is an elder of more than eighty years of age.
        He has a long, full white beard and is a man who carries with
        him the presence of a man of religion. Also present is
        GEORGE, CONDALESA, LUKE and some other MEN and WOMEN as well
        as some SLAVES. George and Condalesa stand side by side
        facing the others.
        Next to each is the eldest member of their family. Next to
        the groom is Luke and next to the bride is Warren the Priest.
        I am honored to ask for the hand of
        Condalesa, daughter of Khowled, in
        marriage for George.
        And I accept.
        And I am honored to ask for the
        hand of George, son of Abd Allaat,
        in marriage for Condalesa, daughter
        of Khowled.
        And I accept.
        We pronounce the marriage of
        George, Son of Abd Allaat to
        Condalesa, daughter of Khowled
        based on our Christian religion.
        Praise be to Allah!
        The other WOMEN in the room make noises of joy and the MEN
        are jubilant. General festive drinking and congratulations.
        Later Condalesa and George leave to go to their home and live
        24 INT. DR. MATTHEW’S HOUSE - DAY 24
        DOCTOR MATTHEW continues to tell his story to his two
        How was their life after they got
        Good question Mary. They lived as
        husband and wife. She ran the
        business and he lead the caravans
        to other countries.
        Did George cheat on Condalesa?
        He could not, because Condalesa
        controlled him.
        She was a rich and powerful woman,
        and they got married under
        Christian law.
        So, only one wife, right?
        Yes, my daughter.
        25 EXT. THE DESERT - DAY 25
        GEORGE is in a wide open area with others men. They are all
        READING, like the ways of religious students, moving their
        heads as they read. They begin leaving, one after another,
        with George still reading alone.
        All of a sudden, George SEES and HEARS a DEVIL appear and he
        is scared. The Devil holds George from the back of his neck
        and is chocking him.
        Read George.
        Read I say!
        And the devil begins to choke him, however George escapes and
        runs home.
        26 EXT. DESERT - SUNSET 26
        Wide shot looking out across the desert as the sun sets over
        the western horizon.
        Condalesa is sitting on the edge of her bed as George enters
        the room frightened and shaking.
        Hide me Condalesa! Hide me! Keep me
        safe, please.
        What is wrong George?
        He answers, still shuddering and very afraid of something.
        I was touched by a monster! I have
        seen the Devil! I have seen the
        What are you talking about. Are you
        a crazy man?
        Oh no. He was choking me from
        I told you, the Devil! It is the
        Devil, Condalesa!
        Condalesa gets up and moves across the room.
        (more to herself)
        Perhaps the time has come so that I
        can have both the wealth and the
        power I seek.
        What? What do you speak of wife?
        Nothing my husband. I am getting
        you some flour and water to drink
        so that the fear will depart from
        you. And you can tell me then what
        you see.
        At a table she begins to mix some FLOUR and WATER in a WOODEN
        BOWL. Then she brings it to him.
        Here, drink as much as you can.
        George drinks down the liquid like it was his last and then
        the drops the bowl and steps back in fear. Again he SEES and
        HEARS the Devil.
        There he is Condalesa! There is the
        Condalesa seems confident in how to deal with this. She sits
        on the edge of the bed and reveals her naked right thigh.
        (referring to her exposed
        Come and sit down here.
        George sits on her exposed leg.
        Now, do you still see him?
        Yes, yes I do! And he is coming for
        Condalesa uncovers her other thigh.
        Now sit her.
        George moves to sit on her other thigh.
        Do you still see him now, George?
        Yes! Yes! I see him.
        George stands. She thinks for a moment and then pushes her
        legs open.
        Come George, put your head between
        my thighs.
        He kneels before her and Condalesa grabs his head and pulls
        it deep between her thighs so that his face is covered.
        Now can you still see this devil?
        Yes, I do!
        And now Khadiaj removes her veil, uncovering her face.
        And how about now?
        No, I cannot see him.
        Condalesa puts her veil back over her face as George pulls
        his head out from between her legs and he is both excited and
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        He is gone Condalesa! The Devil has
        gone! How did you do that?
        Be joyous my husband, for he was
        not a Devil. He was an Angel.
        I do not understand. How can you
        know this?
        I know you were visited by an Angel
        because he got ashamed and left
        when I exposed myself. If he was
        the Devil, he would have stayed and
        She stands and takes George's face into her hands.
        George, you have been visited by an
        Angel. You are the profit of our
        people. I swear by Allah.
        George is quite taken aback by all of this.
        But... but how? How can this be?
        It matters not. You are now the
        Messenger of our nation. Let us go
        and see the priest Warren, for he
        is a reader of the Torah and the
        New Testament, and very wise in
        these matters.
        George and Condalesa step up toward the front of Warren the
        Priest’s house as Condalesa speaks.
        I will go in first to explain
        things to him. You will come in
        five minutes later.
        As you wish, my wife.
        Condalesa then moves toward the house.
        Inside the house Condalesa quickly approaches Warren the
        This is our chance. This is our one
        What do you have in mind?
        George is just outside. He believes
        he has seen an Angel. We can use
        this to create a messenger and a
        They both look at each other for a few minutes as he
        contemplates what he has just been told. Then Condalesa
        breaks the silence.
        Time is running out. We may only
        have this one chance.
        As he considers this George walks in.
        Ahhh George, bearer of the word of
        Allah. I have seen a sign from
        heaven and it has told me that you
        are the profit of our people. It is
        the revelation of Abraham.
        Warren exchanges glances with Condalesa but George does not
        see this.
        (surprised and happy)
        Then it is true! I am a messenger!
        A messenger!
        He drops to his knees.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR! Allah
        Doctor Matthew is talking with his daughters.
        Now this is how the religion of
        Islam started.
        Then the first religious woman is
        Condalesa and the first religious
        man is Warren.
        A-ha. The first religious woman is
        Condalesa? But Warren was never
        ever anything but a Christian. Now,
        George believed that he was indeed
        the Messenger and so he made many
        visits to the mountain where he
        prayed. Each time he was visited
        by the same Angel and each time he
        returned Warren the Priest helped
        him interpret what the Angel was
        saying to him. So, George began to
        write down the messages from God
        which became the Book. During this
        time George got along very well
        with Jew and Christians.
        Why Daddy?
        Condalesa and Warren the Priest
        were controlling him and he had no
        gang of followers yet. After
        twelve years George had developed
        many followers who believed he was
        the Messenger and the Book was the
        word of God. However, when
        Condalesa, who was much older than
        George, became ill and died, George
        was left with a big problem.
        31 EXT. DESERT - DAY 31
        Wide shot of a MAN sitting alone and leaning against one of
        only three palm trees. We can SEE another MAN approaching
        CLOSER: We can now see that the man sitting against the tree
        is George. He is older now and at the moment he seems very
        The man that approaches him is Abo.
        Messenger, some followers have left
        the faith.
        And is there a reason for that Abo?
        We used to give them money to stay
        as followers.
        What has happened then? What has
        changed their hearts?
        Since your wife Condalesa has died,
        we no longer have the money to give
        out to the people.
        What shall we do then?
        I do not know Messenger.
        There must be a solution.
        A few of the local JEWS approach hoping to speak to George.
        ASAAD is the first one of them to speak.
        Greetings in peace, George.
        Abo is a bit angered by this greeting.
        Say, peace be upon you Messenger.
        Peace be upon you.
        (getting more angry)
        Say, Messenger.
        I shall not utter it, Abo.
        Abo reaches for a long KNIFE which is sheathed in his robes.
        George holds out one of his hands.
        Stop, Abo!
        Are they not the Jews who changed
        the Torah? They bastardized it.
        No, Abo, do not speak with the
        words of the ignorant. What Allah
        meant is that there are some Jews
        who misinterpreted the Torah and
        live according to this. The verse
        in the Book says that this is done
        by some of the Jews only. Remember,
        the word of Allah cannot be
        destroyed, but it can be
        How is that Messenger? I
        read the verse and it says that
        "the people, Christians and Jews,
        of the Book have changed the Torah
        and the New Testament."
        I know you have read it Abo, but
        you do not understand it.
        (to Asaad)
        Asaad, what has brought you to me?
        (testing George)
        We have a man and a woman who have
        committed adultery together. The
        Torah commands that we stone them
        and we would like your advice on
        this matter.
        (to Abo)
        Bring me the Torah.
        But ASAAD has the book with him and he holds it out.
        Here it is.
        George takes the book and holds it up.
        (to the book)
        I believe in you and what was
        revealed in you.
        (to Asaad)
        Therefore go ahead and stone them,
        for I have not seen a book that is
        more favorable to Allah than this.
        Should I understand than that the
        Jews did not change the Torah?
        We followers have revealed the
        message and we have preserved it.
        But the message is the Book, right?
        My friend, we have written in the
        Psalms, after the message has been
        revealed, that “the earth shall be
        inherited by the true and devote of
        Shall I then gather that the
        "message" is the Torah?
        The New Testament,the Torah and the
        Book are the same thing. They are
        all the word of God. The Book says
        that "We have given you the book in
        truth, affirming to what you
        already have of the book." The Book
        also says “if you doubt what we
        have given you, ask those who have
        read the book before you and the
        men we sent before you. Ask them
        for we have been revealed to them
        when you do not understand."
        I do not understand George.
        You have the Torah, and it has the
        precepts of Allah.
        How about the Christians,
        Let the people of the gospels judge
        what Allah has given them.
        Then the gospels and the Torah have
        not been changed until now?
        Those who were given the Book shall
        believe in it, and those who do not
        believe will be damned to hell.
        Rejoice Asaad, for George has
        testified to the Torah and the
        Asaad bows to George.
        Thank you for your counsel George.
        You are both a good and wise man.
        Asaad leaves. Abo steps a bit closer to George.
        Did you mean what you said,
        Do not argue with the people of the
        book unless you have something
        better to offer. Do not forget,
        Abo, that they have warned about a
        false profit coming.
        Truthfully, all the verses of the
        Book that were given do not insult
        the people of the book.
        Do not forget Warren the Priest and
        Condalesa, my wife. They were
        Christian and they are in many ways
        the reason for my current
        No, I shall not forget Messenger.
        Doctor Matthew is still sitting with his daughters telling
        them this story.
        And what happened then Father?
        Well, for many years, George was a
        good, gentle and kind profit. And
        he did his best to keep the peace
        between the followers, the Jews and
        the Christians. But that was not
        to last. You see no new verses
        were coming to him, so George began
        to doubt if he was really the
        Messenger. He felt that Allah had
        abandoned him.
        33 EXT. MOUNTAIN - DAY 33
        A distraught George is walking alone on a mountain side and
        comes to a very steep cliff and looks down.
        Then he backs up about ten feet from the cliff and starts
        babbling to himself in an almost unintelligible manner, but
        we can just barely make out what he is saying.
        I must jump. I must jump. I must
        jump. Warren died and no verses...
        no Book.
        He starts moving toward the edge.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        I must jump. I must jump.
        And just as George reaches the edge he suddenly stops and
        looks up into the sky as if something interrupted him, and
        indeed something has.
        George, hear me.
        What? What? Who said that?
        He has obviously heard something. He looks all around but can
        see no one. Then his head turns again as if he has heard this
        voice again.
        George hear me.
        Who are you? The Angel Gabriel?
        Welcome, welcome.
        George drops to his knees and puts his hands together.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Please Gabriel, please. Tell me
        what I should do.
        George. You are the profit.
        So, I am the profit?
        (nodding to himself)
        I am the profit. I am the profit.
        34 EXT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 34
        George steps out of his tent and we can tell that he is on
        uneasy footing.
        There is something wrong with him and we cannot tell what it
        is except to see that he is sweating very badly.
        He starts calling out to everyone and to no one, waving his
        arms about as he speaks.
        My followers, I was sent to you a
        Messenger for many years, to affirm
        what the holy books have said, the
        New Testament and the Torah. So as
        you have believed in Moses and
        Jesus, son of Mary, why do you not
        believe in me?
        George's speech comes out more like ramblings and it gets the
        attention of ABO and the young ALI, a man in his twenties who
        is the son of Luke.
        Messenger, if you continue to
        preach to the people in such a kind
        and gentle matter, you will get
        nowhere. Too many years have passed
        and those who believed your message
        are now few.
        George looks at him but the look is a somewhat wild one and
        we cannot be sure if George has even understood Abo's words.
        And when he responds, he does not necessarily do it directly
        to Abo.
        You shall not find any kinder
        people than the Christians, and one
        must convince them by using good
        arguments and real proof.
        The young Ali chimes in.
        But you cannot cut through metal
        unless you are using metal.
        After the death of Warren the
        Priest, the inspiration has
        disappeared and I did not receive
        any new chapters, not even a few
        Both Ali and Abo look at each other and frown. They do not
        understand what George is talking about, and they both say
        the next word at the same time.
        ABO & ALI
        Warren the Priest is dead and the
        inspiration has disappeared.
        George holds his hand out to point.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Now I must return to the mountain
        once again.
        I don’t understand what is the
        relationship between Warren the
        Priet’s death and the inspiration?
        George takes one step forward and then his eyes roll back in
        his head and he collapses onto the ground. The other two men
        move in to try and help him.
        35 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - NIGHT 35
        Close view of George in bed, thrashing from side to side with
        sweat dripping out of every pore of his body as he murmurs
        things that are totally incomprehensible. ABO is on one side
        of him, wiping his face with a wet CLOTH and ALI is standing
        close by.
        Rest Messenger. Rest now.
        Abo stands and speaks to Ali.
        ABO (CONT’D)
        He has a bad fever.
        Is there nothing else we can do for
        All we can do is wait.
        And the two men step away.
        The CAMERA starts to move in SLOWLY, getting CLOSER AND
        CLOSER on George's face.
        We begin to hear the distorted SOUNDS of horse HOOFS pounding
        onto the ground. Women SCREAMING. Men SHOUTING out orders.
        The unmistakable SOUND of metal swords CLASHING together. And
        all of these BATTLE SOUNDS start mixing together.
        The CAMERA REACHES an EXTREME CLOSE UP on George. His face is
        sweating and shaking.
        The battle SOUNDS continue to get louder and louder. And then
        the screen suddenly goes BLACK and when it does, all sound
        STOPS! We HEAR only the shallow labored BREATHING of George.
        After several seconds of this, the screen goes BRIGHT WHITE
        and then we see George's almost naked body, curled up like a
        fetus in the womb, as it slams down onto the desert ground.
        36 EXT. MOUNTAIN TOP - DAY 36
        George's eyes open slowly and he must shield them from the
        incredibly bright sun. Then he stands on uncertain legs and
        looks around to realize that he is on top of a large
        Then a loud BOOMING VOICE is heard.
        George spins all around but cannot find anybody else there.
        Who... who are you?
        I am Gabriel and you are George,
        Messenger of the Islamic nation.
        George puts his hands together in front of him.
        Praise be to Allah.
        Do not speak. Only listen.
        George looks up to the sky and opens his arms wide, awaiting
        the message he is expecting to receive.
        GABRIEL (CONT’D)
        You are the profit George! You are
        the profit George! You are the
        profit George!
        37 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 37
        Abo enters the tent and moves over to where he had left
        George laying, but George is gone.
        George... George!
        He is worried now and rushes out of the tent.
        38 EXT. DESERT - DAY 38
        Abo come out the tent and starts searching all around. He
        calls out, but not very loudly because he does not want to
        worry every one else.
        George, Messenger, where are you?
        Running over to another spot.
        ABO (CONT’D)
        Where are you George?
        Then he strains his eyes off into one direction and a long
        way off in the desert we can SEE a single FIGURE and it looks
        like an almost naked man.
        ABO (CONT’D)
        Abo jumps on a HORSE and takes off in that direction.
        39 EXT. DESERT - DAY 39
        Abo rides his horse as swiftly as it will carry him.
        40 EXT. DESERT - DAY 40
        Abo reaches the almost naked MAN out in the desert and jumps
        off his HORSE to find that it is indeed George.
        He rushes to his side to help him.
        George. Are you okay? How did you
        get out here?
        I have never been better Abo. You
        are looking at the Messenger.
        Yes George, I know you are the
        No my friend. I am the "new"
        Messenger. For I have been to the
        mountain top, trying to kill my
        self and I have heard the word of
        Allah. And now is the hour that I
        shall come forth and bring the word
        to all who will listen. And they
        will listen.
        Praise Allah. Praise the new
        Doctor MATTHEW sitting with his young daughters.
        ...and after that George went to
        the mountain for a third time and
        the same thing happened. But this
        time when he returned he had
        changed. No longer was he being
        nice. He was now evil, telling
        people to convert to Islam, pay a
        tribute to him or die.
        He looks both girls in the eyes and they are both listening
        From that time on, George and his
        followers embarked upon a road from
        which there was no return. Not even
        unto this day.
        42 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 42
        Fully dressed now, George sits with a SWORD between his legs,
        much like Osama Bin Laden. Several MEN are sitting around him
        waiting to hear what he has to say.
        They are ABO, ALI, OMAAR, OTHMAN, OBI and ZAID, as well as
        some others.
        Men, you are the ones chosen by the
        Messenger and as such you shall
        inherit the earth with all of its
        lavishes and delights, such as
        wealth and power.
        And women, Messenger?
        Indeed you womanizer. And you shall
        have all the women you ever want in
        paradise for eternity.
        Guide and inform us, Messenger.
        During the following speech we see images of the brutal
        attack by George’s followers on the Jewish caravan.
        We shall gather the men and the
        weapons. We will attack the trade
        caravans, killing the men and
        capturing the women. We shall loot
        the goods, the camels and donkeys
        and anything else of value. And do
        not forget to take the children of
        the Jews and the infidels, sell
        them as slaves and with that money
        we shall buy more weapons and
        And how shall we divide the loot?
        For Allah and his Messenger you
        shall give one fifth. The rest of
        it will be divided equally among
        And what happens if we are killed
        in battle?
        Then you shall be accounted as
        martyrs, inheriting paradise and
        all that lies in it.
        And what lies in paradise,
        The martyr gets a palace in
        paradise, underneath of which will
        run rivers of milk and honey and
        A river of wine! Allah is great!
        And also for the martyr, there are
        seventy two virgins and the beauty
        of these virgins exceeds the beauty
        of the daughters of the earth.
        And there will be sexual
        intercourse in paradise, Messenger?
        Indeed my cousin, grinding sex.
        (makes motions with his
        And after you have had your way
        with her she will become a virgin
        once again. So what do you think
        about that?
        Is there anything more beautiful or
        glorious than that, Messenger?
        We are with you Messenger!
        And with that the men all begin to chant together as they
        draw out their swords and hold them up.
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR!
        DISSOLVE TO:
        43 EXT. DESERT - DAY 43
        and CHILDREN is moving through a narrow pathway that has a
        high steep rock WALL on one side and several large rocks on
        the other side.
        An as the Caravan is moving through the pass, George and his
        MEN come charging at them on HORSEBACK and attack.
        For the men and women of the caravan there would be no
        safety. Ali reaches them first and is bearing down upon a MAN
        who holds his hands out and screams.
        MAN 4
        Peace be with you! Peace be with
        But Ali's SWORD has to slash through the air only once to
        take this man's HEAD clean off.
        Allah AKBAR!
        George bears down on another MAN and slashes his SWORD across
        the man's chest sending him to the ground as BLOOD squirts
        out, some of it hitting George in the face. Then he
        immediately turns to find another MAN running toward him with
        a SWORD and he drives his SWORD right through the torso of
        this another man.
        A MAN of the caravan runs to one of George's men on HORSEBACK
        and jumps up stabbing him with a long DAGGER causing him to
        fall off the horse dead.
        Then three of George's MEN race past this man on horseback,
        each one of them slicing him with their SWORD as they go, and
        after the third one of them slices him, he falls to the
        ground dead.
        Abo, hops off his HORSE and charges these people on foot,
        quickly killing two of them with his SWORD and then looking
        for more people to attack.
        OMAAR also jumps off his horse and runs into the people:
        Allah AKBAR!
        He easily kills one of the SLAVES who barely even tries to
        defend himself and then turns to chase down another MAN.
        OTHMAN is surrounded by three MEN who all have long STAFFS in
        their hands and they are using them, to defend from this
        man's SWORD. But it doesn't last long as OTHMAN is able to
        kill them all, sending BLOOD flying in out in all directions.
        OBI uses a large steel tipped SPEAR to run a man through and
        then pulls it out of him so that his body can fall and then
        he turns and rams it into another MAN.
        Zaid runs through a crowd of people screaming.
        Allah is Great! Allah AKBAR!
        He is chopping every body he sees with his sword as he goes.
        George is surrounded by his enemy and he is swinging his
        SWORD around like a mad man. BLOOD is flying everywhere and
        within seconds there are five BODIES laying around him and he
        is drenched in BLOOD, looking not unlike a Devil of some
        sort. He looks around and realizes that they have victory and
        he raises his arms high in the air as he calls out.
        Those who bring victory to Allah,
        Allah shall make them victorious!
        Allah AKBAR!!!
        Another Angle:
        We follow a pair of men's FEET walking along until they
        finally come to a stop, and then the CAMERA PULLS UP to show
        us a SHEET hanging off the side of a cart that is hitched to
        DONKEYS. A hand reaches out and pulls the sheet to the side
        and we several WOMEN, ranging from older to very young,
        cowarding next to the cart in fear.
        Then we see that it is George who is standing there looking
        at them, his face still covered in BLOOD. He smiles at them
        in a devilish sort of way and quietly says:
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Praise be to Allah.
        44 EXT. DESERT - DAY 44
        George is sitting on the ground with his sword between his
        legs and he is surrounded by many of his followers. Among
        them is Omeer who is a blind man in his early forties.
        Another man, ABO EL DEHDAH, is the first one to speak.
        Messenger, I have divorced my wife
        twice and I have taken her back
        twice. Then just the other day I
        divorced her for the third time and
        now I want her back. We have five
        children together and the youngest
        is an infant who I need her help
        with. I also need her help picking
        dates from my palm trees as I own
        over six hundred palm trees.
        This is a simple matter ABO EL
        DEHDAH. Wait until she marries
        another and gets a divorce, or her
        husband dies, and then you can
        marry her again.
        Then a man named OBI, one of George's inner circle,
        That is what has happened to me
        Messenger. But my divorced ex-wife
        married a man that is not
        interested in women. A man who
        spent time with her in the same way
        she spends time with her female
        friends. May I then re-marry her?
        This is not accepted by the laws of
        Allah. He must taste of her. He
        must sleep with her like man and
        woman. He must taste her honey and
        she must taste of his honey. And by
        the way, ABO EL DEHDAH, give me
        your palm trees, so that Allah will
        reward you double in paradise.
        Of course, Messenger.
        But he has said this without a lot of enthusiasm.
        Do you not believe the Messenger,
        ABO EL DEHDAH? Where is your faith
        in Allah and his Messenger?
        No, I do. I swear by Allah. I
        declare it among all the people
        here, the palm trees are for the
        Messenger and the blessings for me.
        George looks at him for a moment.
        May Allah bless you, ABO EL DEHDAH.
        George stands and holds his sword out.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Listen, my followers. If there is
        land or a town that you like, then
        send to its owners and offer them
        to become followers, or to pay a
        tribute to us. If they refuse, we
        will attack them with all of the
        force of Allah. This is how the
        message of Islam shall now be set
        forth, even onto those people who
        hate us and those who love us. It
        matters not. The nation of Islam
        must prevail. The nation of Islam
        will prevail!
        All of the MEN present begin to chant.
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR! Allah
        AKBAR! Allah AKBAR!
        As the chanting begins to subside, ALI approaches George.
        Messenger, I have heard that Asmaa,
        daughter of Marwan has made
        statements that are critical of
        you. And she uses words that even I
        will not repeat here. What shall we
        do about her Messenger?
        George gets angry at this and gestures with his sword wildly.
        Curse her! Curse her! She shall
        taste my sword. And then she will
        be afraid and all who follow her
        will be afraid.
        Omeer, step forward.
        Omeer steps forward and bows before George.
        Yes, Messenger. What do you wish of
        your humble servant.
        Go and see this woman and make sure
        she is dead. Tell all those around
        her that there shall be no safety
        for those who are not Muslim.
        As you command, Messenger.
        Messenger, she is a mother who has
        many children, including an infant.
        Then unlike their mother, I might
        give the orphaned children the
        chance to become good followers. Do
        not question my word again, ABO EL
        (bowing his head)
        No, Messenger, I shall not.
        45 EXT. DESERT - DAY 45
        We see a tent in another part of the desert. A WOMAN, named
        ASMAA, is nursing an INFANT..
        Omeer and a few other MEN arrive on HORSEBACK. They get off
        their horses and walk toward Asmaa, one of the other men
        whispering into the ear of Omeer as if to guide him.
        Then the men stop some several feet out in front of her.
        Am I in the presence of Asmaa,
        daughter of Marwan, the infidel?
        Yes, yes you are.
        Step forth and present yourself to
        Asmaa looks at this blind man and then to the other men and
        she knows they are all very dangerous.
        OMEER (CONT’D)
        Do not be afraid. I have a message
        for you from George, the Messenger.
        She pulls the infant from her breast and hands the baby off
        to another and then stands and steps up to Omeer.
        I am here before you. What message
        do you have for me?
        And with that Omeer shoves his SWORD into this woman's torso
        so that it comes out of her back. Then he pulls it out and
        let's her lifeless body drop to the ground.
        Omeer then turns and calls out to all who might listen.
        OMEER (CONT’D)
        Let the people of this land know
        that there is no God but Allah and
        there is no Messenger but George.
        And all who stand in his way shall
        perish from this Earth.
        (Then to his men.)
        Come, let us go and give George the
        good news.
        Two of the MEN lead Omeer to his horse.
        46 INT. DESERT WITH TENTS - DAY 46
        A strong looking Jewish MAN in his forties, by the name of
        ASAAD, turns toward the CAMERA as he speaks to his second in
        command, the slightly younger KENANAH, but no less strong
        then his master.
        But I do not understand. Although I
        have only met him twice before, I
        have known this man George for a
        long time. He has for many years
        been a friend to both the Jewish
        and the Christian people. Can you
        be certain of what you speak
        I know what my eyes have seen and
        what my ears have heard. George and
        his band of men are attacking
        caravans and killing all who dare
        stand against them. He has
        proclaimed publicly that all those
        who do not become Muslim shall
        (hard to believe)
        All those who do not become Muslim
        shall perish?
        That is what everyone is saying.
        And it would not surprise me if he
        intended to kill us all with his
        bare hands.
        This cannot be. It cannot be. It
        makes no sense. He has nothing to
        gain by this, other then personal
        Perhaps that is his true motive.
        (He thinks for a moment)
        I shall go and speak to him.
        And I shall go with you.
        No, it is important that I go to
        him alone and humble.
        Then I shall prey for your safe
        Have my horse prepared for the
        Yes, ASAAD.
        47 INT. MOSQUE - DAY 47
        George is praying in the Mosque, surrounded by many of his
        MEN who are also praying. The blind OMEER shuffles through
        the room and settles in next to George and begins to prey
        with him. George looks at him.
        NOTE: OMEER being blind has a helper who is his eyes.
        It is done.
        George smiles and puts his hand on Omeer's shoulder in
        approval. And then he turns to address the crowd of men.
        My followers, nation of no God but
        Allah and George his Messenger. If
        anyone needs an example of a man
        who is made victorious by Allah and
        his Messenger, let him take Omeer
        as an example and look up to him.
        Omeer grins wickedly showing his raggedy teeth. The other MEN
        all begin to chant together.
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR! Allah
        48 EXT. DESERT - DAY 48
        WIDE SHOT: View of a lone RIDER on a HORSE as he moves across
        the desert.
        CLOSER on the same man and we see that it is the Jew, ASAAD,
        riding this horse.
        49 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 49
        George sits, drinking WINE and EATING along with several of
        his FOLLOWERS. An unattractive WOMAN by the name of OM BASHAR
        approaches him.
        OM BASHAR
        Do you need something Messenger?
        If I did, I would not take it from
        you. You are ugly. Now go from my
        Other MEN close by laugh as OM BASHAR moves off. Then another
        woman approaches George. This one also in her thirties but
        she is very beautiful. Her name is OM AYMAN.
        OM AYMAN
        Can I do anything for you,
        George looks at her up and down.
        Yes, go and wait for me in your
        She bows her head and moves off. One of the men close by
        speaks up. His name is BOSAINA.
        Isn't it shameful for a woman to
        expose herself to a man unknown to
        Have you not heard what Allah has
        said in the Book? The Messenger
        shall desire who he wants and shall
        be given who he wants.
        BOSAINA realizes that he has made a mistake and no longer
        wishes to question George's judgement.
        Allah is true in all that he says.
        And Allah says in his Book: “If a
        married woman offers herself to the
        Messenger and the Messenger wants
        to have her, he is allowed to, even
        though the rest of the believers
        are not allowed to do so.
        Allah is true in everything he
        says. How pleasurable is our Islam.
        We get pleasures here on Earth and
        in paradise, the great paradise
        with all of the virgins. Praise be
        to Allah and his Messenger!
        ONE of George's men comes up to him and whispers into his
        ear. George gives the man a stern look.
        Show him in.
        The man walks away and within moments he comes back into the
        tent with the Jewish man ASAAD, who steps forward and greets
        George. All of the others in the tent grow quiet as they
        watch and listen.
        George... Messenger. It has been a
        very long time since we met last.
        Indeed. And what has brought you to
        me Asaad?
        I was hoping we could speak...
        (looking around)
        ...privately if you do not mind.
        We are all as one. Anything you can
        say to me, you can say to everyone
        ASAAD looks around for a moment and then continues.
        Both Jewish and Christian peoples
        all over these lands are living in
        great fear of you and your men.
        I am simply doing the work of
        Allah. Nothing more, nothing less.
        If this is something for your
        people to fear, so be it.
        I have been told that many have
        been killed. And I do not
        understand. There once was a great
        truce between our people. A truce
        honored by the both of us, my old
        That was the past. This is the
        present. The word of Allah must
        prevail and the word of Allah shall
        All of the men chime in.
        Allah AKBAR!
        ASAAD understands all too well.
        Then we are to be enemies?
        George puts his hand on the man's shoulder.
        I have no enemies... only
        followers. The next time you come
        to the Messenger, you will come as
        a follower or you will die as an
        infidel. Praise be to Allah.
        ASAAD looks at him and nods his understanding.
        Thank you for seeing me, Messenger.
        Go now, and tell all your people to
        convert to Islam or face whatever
        fate the Messenger has for them.
        And with that ASAAD takes his leave.
        Why did you not just kill him,
        The Messenger will give him a
        chance to convert first. Then I
        will kill him.
        Another man approaches George. His name is OBI.
        Messenger, have you heard that
        KAAB, son of Al Ashraf, is
        criticizing you in his speeches?
        George gets angry.
        Is that true Abo Na'la? Is your
        brother openly criticizing me?
        ABO NA'LA
        I have heard of that Messenger, so
        I did not attend his wedding which
        was only two nights ago.
        Then you shall go to him. Teach him
        what it means to stand against the
        ABO NA'LA
        As you wish. Those who obey the
        Messenger, obey Allah.
        And with that Abo Na'la leaves.
        50 EXT. GEORGE'S TENT - EVENING 50
        ABO NA'LA and two other MEN mount their HORSES and ride off.
        51 EXT. DESERT OASIS - NIGHT 51
        There are a few TENTS set up in another small desert oasis.
        ABO NA'LA and his two MEN approach on their horses and then
        dismount. Abo Na'la calls out for his brother.
        ABO NA'LA
        Brother Kaab Ebn Alashram, where
        are you brother Kaab Ebn Alashram?
        Kaab Ebn Alashram comes out of the tent.
        Who is here? Do I hear the voice of
        my brother?
        And then he sees Abo Na'la coming toward him.
        Brother, it is wonderful to see
        (to another)
        Slave, go and start a fire and
        grill my best goat, we must have a
        feast to celebrate the coming of my
        brother Abo Na'la.
        The SLAVE moves off to do as he is told.
        The two brothers come to an embrace.
        ABO NA'LA
        I am happy to see you, this one
        last time brother.
        As he is about to ask what he means by that, Kaab Ebn
        Alashram frowns strangely. When he tries to speak the BLOOD
        begins to run out of his mouth.
        Abo Na'la pulls the long blade of his DAGGER out of his
        brother’s body and allows him to fall to the ground.
        ABO NA'LA (CONT’D)
        You should not have spoken against
        the Messenger, my brother.
        52 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - NIGHT 52
        George and his other MEN are still sitting around drinking
        and feasting.
        From outside they can HEAR men chanting:
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR!
        (to all)
        Hear this noise men. For this is
        the noise that is the greatness of
        ABO NA'LA and his two RIDERS enter the tent and Abo Na'la is
        carrying something under his arm that is wrapped in a CLOAK.
        ABO NA'LA
        Abo Na'la, have you done what was
        asked of you?
        Abo Na'la unwraps the thing he is carrying and presents the
        HEAD of his brother to George. George smiles and holds up the
        head with one hand for all to see.
        GEORGE (CONT'D)
        Behold! Abo Na'la has done what the
        Messenger has requested. He has
        certainly reserved his place in
        Allah's paradise. Praise be to
        Allah! Praise be to Allah!!
        The rest of the MEN begin to chant with him.
        Praise be to Allah! Praise be to
        53 INT. TENT OF ASAAD - NIGHT 53
        ASAAD enters and is joined by KENANAH.
        What is it ASAAD? What have you
        This man George has gone mad. He
        says all Jews and Christians must
        convert to Islam or be killed.
        He cannot be serious.
        He is very serious, my friend. And
        he has many men behind him.
        Then what shall we do?
        We shall fight.
        But, but we cannot win! Can we?
        I do not know, but we will fight
        just the same.
        KENANAH looks at him and the two men just stand there for a
        moment in silence.
        ASAAD (CONT’D)
        Tell the men to pray tonight. For
        soon, we will go to war, or war
        will come to us. There is no
        escaping it.
        Yes Master. We have to hide our
        Yes, now go.
        Kenanah exits, leaving ASAAD standing here alone in very deep
        Doctor MATTHEW continues telling this story to his two
        Now George did not yet know that
        these Jews were scheming against
        him. His mind was occupied with
        other things... things of a much
        more personal nature. You see he
        was about to take a new young
        bride. But first he was to go to
        the mountain once again to get
        permission from his God.
        He looks at both of his daughters before he continues.
        Like always when he likes to do
        something wrong.
        That is the same thing his new wife
        Hillary told him. She said, “Your
        God tells you to do whatever you
        want to do as if he were working
        for you George, and gives
        permission through the passages in
        the Book.”
        55 INT. ABO'S HOME - DAY 55
        Abo's wife, Om, is sitting quietly and knitting when Abo
        enters. He is very excited.
        Let the house of Abo be joyous!
        What is wrong with you husband? We
        do not have that much to be happy
        Oh, but we do. The Messenger has
        asked our daughter's hand in
        Om seems concerned.
        And this makes you happy?
        Yes, of course it makes me happy!
        My daughter shall have the stars!
        Are you crazy? Is George crazy?
        Your daughter has not yet reached
        her 13th year. He must be over
        fifty by now!
        He is fifty four. And do not speak
        against the Messenger woman. He has
        both wealth and power. And all who
        are with him are there out of fear
        or benefit to themselves. My
        daughter shall be his bride and he
        has promised to make me the Caliph
        of the followers after him.
        (speaking in sadness)
        Then there is nothing I can do for
        my poor daughter Hillary. She is
        not yet 13 years old and he is
        fifty four. What a strange world it
        is that we live in. What a strange
        There is a moment of silence and then George enters.
        Abo, did you announce the good
        news to the bride? I would not be
        surprised if she had fainted over
        hearing such wondrous news.
        I am the only one who came close to
        fainting, Messenger.
        From joy of course.
        Of course.
        I already knew that or I would not
        be the Messenger. Now where is my
        bride? Where is my beautiful bride?
        I think she is outside with the
        other girls.
        Go and get her woman! Do not leave
        the Messenger waiting!
        Om does as she is told and immediately gets up and heads
        Om goes outside to fetch her daughter. Some WOMEN are doing
        chores. She finds Hillary and they go inside the house.
        Thank you Messenger. You
        bless me by coming into my humble
        You are a good man and a good
        follower of Allah, Abo. You shall
        indeed have your place in Allah's
        Praise be to Allah. Praise be to
        Then Om comes back in leading her daughter Hillary. She takes
        her over to George and puts her hand into George's hand.
        Hillary, this is George. He is to
        be your husband.
        George looks at her with that look that only a man can give a
        woman, as he rubs the back of her hand.
        Is that not wonderful news Hillary,
        my bride? Praise be to Allah.
        And with that he stands and picks her up.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Come, for now you belong to the
        He walks toward the door. Hillary looks back toward her
        mother and reaches out a hand. She calls out, nearly in
        Mother... Mother.
        Om looks at her.
        It is okay Hillary. Everything will
        be okay.
        But as Om watches them exit, it is obvious that she does not
        even believe her own words. A single tear runs down her
        58 EXT. ABO'S HOME - DAY 58
        As George and Hillary go outside, the other WOMEN around are
        blessing them.
        May Allah bless you. May Allah
        bless you.
        Hillary is frightened and does not know what is happening.
        And once again she calls out for her Mother.
        Mother... Mother!
        There is no need to be frightened
        my bride.
        Where are you taking me?
        Wherever I want to go. I am the
        Messenger. Do you not know that my
        And with that he laughs but the girl finds no comfort in his
        59 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 59
        It is a festive day. George is sitting on PILLOWS with
        several of his MEN and enjoying the WINE and FOOD. Not far
        away sits Hillary with a few of the SLAVE WOMEN who are
        attending to her. Then Hillary's MOTHER shows up and sits
        down next to her.
        Mother, mother, I am so happy to
        see you.
        Happy birthday Hillary. Blessing
        on the third year of your marriage
        to George.
        Thank you Mother.
        Such a grand celebration for your
        16th birthday.
        I am the wife of the Messenger of
        Allah. I am told I deserve such a
        Indeed you do.
        How are you Hillary?
        I am good, Mother.
        Om is surprised.
        And are you happy my daughter?
        Yes Mother, I get whatever I want.
        It's very pleasant
        Then Om leans over and whispers something into her daughter's
        HILLARY (CONT’D)
        Oh no Mother. The Messenger says I
        am too young and that we must wait
        until I am older.
        Om is very surprised at this.
        Truly he is a great Messenger.
        Then George stands and comes toward them.
        Hillary, come and let us go watch
        the slaves fighting. You will enjoy
        it. Come.
        He takes her by the hand and leads her out of the tent.
        60 EXT. GEORGE’S TENT - DAY 60
        Outside George and his young bride join many more who are
        watching two SLAVES in a KNIFE FIGHT to the death.
        The other PEOPLE automatically make way to allow George and
        his bride to step right up to the edge of the action.
        One of the SLAVES swings his KNIFE at the other one who jumps
        back to avoid being cut and bounces into George. He shoves
        the slave back into the fight with a smile on his face, much
        the way a child might throw a baseball back to the players.
        Kill him you piece of... !
        George puts his arms around Hillary's shoulders as he speaks
        to her.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        I hope you enjoy this Hillary.
        Because it is all for you.
        Everything today is for your
        (in thought)
        These men try to kill each other
        for me?
        Yes, for your enjoyment. Is that
        not wonderful my bride?
        (not at all sure)
        Yes, yes it is.
        Then the slave is pushed back toward George again. This time
        George takes him by the back of his neck and puts his face
        right up to his ear.
        (deadly serious)
        Kill him this time or I will kill
        you both.
        And with that he shoves the SLAVE toward the other SLAVE.
        The two men circle each other for a few moments while the on
        lookers shout at them both. Then the SLAVE whom George had
        spoken to lunges forward and sinks his BLADE into the other
        SLAVE’s throat. BLOOD gushes everywhere as the man slowly
        falls to the ground.
        George is pleased.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Very good! Very good!
        The others cheer.
        Hillary is horrified at the amount of BLOOD that has gushed
        out of this man's throat and the turns and runs off.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Hillary! Hillary!
        (to the others)
        She is excited.
        George then runs after her.
        61 EXT. OASIS - DAY 61
        Hillary is running.
        George is running after her. He pauses to see which way she
        is going and he takes a slightly different route.
        Another view of Hillary running as she goes around the corner
        of a tent. And just as she is about to go around the next
        corner, she runs smack into George, who smiles as he snatches
        her up into his arms.
        Got you! Why did you run silly
        girl? It was only blood.
        I am ashamed, but I could not stand
        to look at it.
        You will get used to such things.
        We all do. Now come, I have another
        surprise for you.
        He turns and walks away, carrying Hillary and still talking.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Today you are 16 years old and
        today you will become a woman.
        How will I become a woman?
        By doing what a woman is suppose to
        do. Taking care of her husband.
        62 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 62
        George walks back into his large crowded tent, still carrying
        Every one shall go now!
        And right away everyone begins to leave, blessing the
        Messenger as they go.
        At the rear of the tent we see Om slowly backing out of the
        tent never taking her eyes off of her daughter.
        When everyone is gone George puts Hillary down.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Take off your clothes now Hillary.
        But why my husband?
        Because it is time for me to enjoy
        you and for you to enjoy me.
        Hillary frowns as she is young and still does not get it.
        I... I do not understand.
        You are going to understand today.
        Now take off your clothes.
        Hillary hesitates and George tells her one more time, much
        more sternly.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Take them off.
        Hillary begins to take her clothes off as does George. We now
        only see the two of them in close ups and over the shoulder
        shots so that we do not reveal their nudity.
        Hillary looks at George’s naked body and it is obvious that
        she sees his excited manhood and is frightened by it.
        What... what are you going to do?
        George puts his hands on her shoulders and pushes her down on
        the pillows. She is very frightened now and begins to squirm
        but he has her and he is not letting go.
        CLOSE ON: George as he leans in closer and closer.
        CLOSE ON: Hillary as she watches George coming down toward
        her and she is frightened.
        EXTREME CLOSE ON: George has an evil grin on his face.
        63 EXT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 63
        We hear Hillary crying out in pain.
        No...no. Please...don't. Mercy! NO
        NO Mercy! Ahhhhhhhhh!
        Then the CAMERA MOVES over to SEE Hillary's mother Om,
        standing there. Tears are streaming down her face as she
        hears the cries of her daughter.
        64 EXT. OASIS - DAY 64
        George, along with many of his MEN and his young wife
        Hillary, are all sitting around EATING and DRINKING. OMAR is
        attracted to the young Hillary and staring a bit too much.
        Life is good when we can enjoy the
        spoils of war. Wine and gold and
        beautiful women.
        And best of all is the women. Is it
        not Messenger?
        No, the best is the liquor.
        They are both very good.
        Does Allah allow the drinking of
        Allah says in the Book to take from
        the fruit of the palms and the
        grapes and to harvest them and to
        ferment them.
        Allah is great indeed.
        (he drinks)
        Messenger, is it possible for me to
        exchange wives with you. You can
        take my beautiful wife and I shall
        take Hillary.
        I know your wife is beautiful
        Omaar, but it is too late. I will
        accept her. But you will have to
        choose from my concubines because
        Allah has ordered me not to
        exchange my wives. But if the
        Messenger sees a woman and likes
        her, her husband must divorce her
        (calling out)
        Where is Zaher? Where is Zaher?
        I see that your God is always
        prompt when it comes to your lust.
        George gives her a look, but says nothing to her.
        And what does Allah say about
        gambling, Messenger?
        And when they ask you about liquor
        and gambling tell them that there
        is sin and enjoyment in both.
        I know that there is good in
        drinking liquor but what is the
        good in gambling?
        When next Gabriel comes, I shall
        ask him.
        But should we pray when we have
        been drinking?
        No Ali, do not pray when you are
        drunk, because you cannot do so
        properly. But I should like some
        more wine now. Hillary! Hillary,
        where are you?
        Hillary appears within seconds.
        Yes, Messenger? How may I serve
        Bring more wine for me and all of
        my followers.
        This brings cheers from many of the men.
        As you wish.
        Hillary bows to George and then moves off quickly.
        Today we shall drink much wine. We
        must celebrate our great victories
        over the enemies of Allah.
        All of the MEN holler out and cheer at this.
        Praise be to Allah. Praise be to
        the Messenger.
        A man named OBI approaches and bows to George as he speaks.
        Messenger, I need your help with a
        Speak Obi.
        Myself and my son walked into my
        house yesterday and witnessed my
        wife in bed with another man. May I
        divorce her according to Allah's
        Four men must witness such an act
        before you can consider her guilty.
        But there is another way.
        Please tell me this other way,
        When you catch your wife with
        another man, take a length of rope
        and pull it between their bodies.
        If the rope passes through, she is
        not guilty. If the rope does not
        pass through, she is guilty.
        Thank you Messenger. Praise be to
        Praise be to Allah. Where is Zahir?
        (to Ebn Masoud)
        Why is Messenger asking for Zahir?
        EBN MASOUD
        Because he is his boy friend.
        Is the Messenger....?
        Ebn Masoud gives him a knowing look.
        OBI (CONT’D)
        Dominant or Submissive?
        OBI leaves. As he exits another follower enters and takes him
        around. As they exit together he whispers urgent news into
        KAAB’s ear.
        (to George)
        I had never heard of that law
        George. Is that indeed true?
        It is the word of the Messenger,
        and as such, it cannot be
        Of course not.
        Ebn Masoud?
        This MAN then steps forward.
        EBN MASOUD
        I am right here, Messenger.
        Do you remember the night of the
        EBN MASOUD
        I remember it! I swear by the God
        of Ka'aba!
        What is the night of the jin?
        Shut up Ali. You only show your
        ALI stands and grasps the handle of his SWORD with one hand.
        I am ignorant? I will show you
        Abo comes up to face off with him. But George gets right into
        the middle of it.
        Stop it! Stop it!
        He looks at both men to make sure they understand him and
        they act as if they do.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Now, finish the story Ebn Masoud.
        EBN MASOUD
        As I was saying, in the night of
        the jin, we were...
        And what is the night of the jin?
        Again you show your ignorance.
        And again Ali jumps up to face off with him.
        Do not speak to me in such a
        And once again George gets between the men to stop them.
        Stop it now. I swear by God that I
        will leave if you continue this
        horseplay. I have better things to
        do with my time.
        The MEN listen to him and sit back down.
        What have you to do Messenger? It
        is nearly midnight.
        I am busy with eleven new wives
        (with a smile)
        So it is a special night.
        No Ali, it is not a special night.
        The Messenger visits his eleven
        wives every night.
        Every night?
        Yes Ali, every night, without even
        washing myself.
        Without washing?
        The men all make noises and hold their noses at hearing this.
        You have such great ability
        Messenger. What power Allah has
        given you.
        Did you not know you womanizer? I
        have the ability of forty men of
        paradise when I am with women.
        What power Allah has given you. I
        did not know this about you
        I am not the same man since I
        received the revelation. After the
        revelation... I am...oh my!
        The MEN all laugh and cheer at this. Then George's young wife
        Hillary speaks up.
        Tell them George, of the time Abn
        El Asam the Jew put a spell on you.
        No, no, no. They do no wish to hear
        What do you mean no? Did he not put
        a magic spell on you?
        You know he put me under a magic
        spell, but...
        Okay, I will tell the story then.
        The Messenger was put under a magic
        spell and on that day and for
        twelve months after he was not able
        to do what he usually does.
        You must have prayed very hard,
        I must admit, I did pray to Allah.
        And what was this thing he did not
        He did not come to his women.
        Did not come to his women?
        No, not for twelve months.
        No, but I made up for it after.
        And the MEN all cheer this.
        Messenger, it has been said that Om
        Qerfa has been making poems against
        George gets angry at hearing this.
        Is that true?
        I have heard it also Messenger.
        (calling out)
        Ziad! Ziad my son.
        And in just a few seconds ZIAD comes into the tent.
        Yes my father?
        A woman named Om Qerfa criticizes
        me with her silly poems. Will you
        go and make an example of her?
        Everyone must know that we will not
        tolerate any infidel daring to
        insult the Messenger.
        As you wish, Messenger.
        George stands and moves in very close to Ziad and speaks
        quietly into his ear.
        Make a good example of her, my son.
        Make me proud of you.
        I will, Messenger.
        And with that Ziad leaves.
        Is it true that you gave your name
        to Ziad, son of Abia?
        It is true Omar. His name now is
        Ziad, son of George. He shall
        inherit me and I shall inherit him.
        He is my son by adoption and I have
        married him to Zainab, the daughter
        of Jahesh.
        65 EXT. GEORGE’S TENT - LATER 65
        George exits his tent on his way to Ziad’s tent. Hillary
        follows him watching as he goes. SAFIR, a handsome young
        man, appears next to her.
        Has your husband left?
        Yes, but his followers are still
        Then, let us go behind the Camels.
        Yes. I miss you.
        SAFWAN picks up Hillary and carries her off.
        Inside the tent stands the very beautiful ZAINAB, daughter of
        Jahesh. She is dressed in somewhat revealing clothing. George
        lifts up the tent flap and enters.
        Yes, Messenger?
        George’s eyes roam up and down this woman's body with lust.
        ZAINAB (CONT’D)
        Zaid is not here.
        I know, I have come to see you.
        George takes her in his arms.
        Maybe my husband is coming?
        No I have sent him away to do some
        business for me.
        But, I am your son’s wife.
        For you, I am going to cancel the
        George kisses her passionately and takes her down.
        CUT TO:
        67 EXT. DESERT - DAY 67
        In another area of Desert, five men pull up on HORSEBACK and
        dismount. One of these men is Zaid.
        The five MEN approach a very old woman, who uses a cane to
        stand, who is now attending to some goats. She is OM QERFA.
        Are you the old wretch Om Qerfa,
        who criticizes George the
        OM QERFA
        Yes, I am her. My age has exceeded
        over one hundred and twenty years,
        and in all of my life I have not
        seen such a murderous thug as
        George. He kills men, captures
        women and children, robs the
        caravans, breaches agreements and
        treaties. He has more than forty
        wives while ordering his followers
        to only have four wives. He even
        sells slaves. And what's more he
        does this all in the name of Allah.
        What God is this who is such an
        oppressor and so unfair?
        I will show you old woman what God
        is this.
        He makes a signal with his hand and his men move in on this
        Another Angle:
        CLOSE of a ROPE being tied around the old woman's ankle.
        WIDER: We can see that her other ankle also has a rope tied
        to it and the men are now tying those ropes onto two HORSES,
        each facing in opposite directions. When the men are ready
        they motion to Ziad.
        ZAID (CONT’D)
        (to the woman)
        Do you wish to change your mind and
        ask for forgiveness from the
        But Om Qerfa simply snarls at him and spits on the ground.
        Ziad motions to his MEN who hit the two horses until they
        start to move and split the old woman's body in half.
        We do not see this happen. Instead we see the horses moving,
        the ropes stretching, Ziad watching and then finally a large
        amount of BLOOD splattering on the ground.
        68 EXT. OASIS - DAY 68
        George is sitting with his SWORD and he is surrounded by many
        of his followers who are taking in his wisdom.
        Whomever refuses to follow Islam,
        shall not be safe. I was ordered to
        wage war against all people until
        they believe that there is no God
        but Allah and that George is his
        Messenger. The Book says,
        “instigate the believers to wage
        war, even in the months where
        waging war is forbidden.” And I
        tell you that even in these
        forbidden months, we shall have
        great wars!
        And what about the Jews and the
        The Book says, “wage war against
        all who do not follow George and
        his God, until they are broken,
        humiliated or pay you a tribute.”
        And that goes for the Jews and the
        Christians too?
        Especially the Jews and Christians.
        Then OM ZALAMA speaks up.
        OM ZALAMA
        We know, Messenger, that a man may
        have four wives and he may be
        intimate with any of the slaves he
        Believe me Om Zalama, I swear the
        God of George is a fair one because
        the women too may have access to
        their male slaves. So do what you
        want with your male slaves.
        OM ZALAMA
        So it is allowed that a woman may
        enjoy a man in the absence of her
        husband at war, for instance?
        That is true. Yes, I swear it.
        When the men come back from war, I
        keep them outside the city. This is
        to give their women a chance, if
        she has man, to let him go.
        OM ZALAMA
        I know that in Islam there is an
        answer to all of our wants, so how
        can I choose a good man, Messenger?
        Whenever a man and a woman are in
        verbal agreement let them make love
        for three nights. If they enjoy
        each other then let them marry. If
        they do not enjoy each other, let
        them part.
        OM ZALAMA
        Thank you Messenger.
        ZIAD and his MEN ride up on their HORSES and dismount. Ziad
        enters the tent.
        George looks up and smiles.
        What news do you have for me my son
        I found the old woman and she spoke
        poorly of you Messenger. As you
        wished, I made an example of her.
        And what did you do?
        I split her in half.
        George's eyes open wider in glee and he stands and smiles
        broadly, very pleased with this news.
        Peace and blessings be upon you my
        son. Allah is truly great. When
        Allah makes you victorious, no one
        shall dominate you.
        Allah is true in all ways. Now, I
        shall see to my wife.
        Yes. Of course.
        George walks ZIAD outside the tent.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Your wife is very beautiful Ziad.
        I shall divorce her so that you can
        marry her, Messenger.
        Not now. You must be satisfied by
        her first.
        I do not understand, Messenger.
        George puts his hand on Ziad's shoulder.
        Just go to your beautiful wife.
        Yes, thank you Messenger.
        He leaves, surprised and not at all sure of what just
        George stands there watching Ziad walk toward his tent. He
        speaks quietly to himself as he watches him.
        Go and have sex with her one last
        time. She might get pregnant and I
        will marry her and the child will
        be attributed to me. But I will
        have to retract my adoption of you
        George enters the tent. He is deep in thought.
        What can we do for you, Messenger?
        I have been given a holy verse from
        Praise be to Allah. Praise be to
        Allah's Messenger.
        The Holy verse says "attribute them
        to their fathers".
        Should we understand then that you
        will retract your adoption,
        Not me Omar, but the mighty Allah.
        So Ziad shall no longer be your
        son, but shall once again be called
        Ziad, son of unknown father?
        Yes Omar.
        What a wonder.
        And where is the wonder Ali? He
        shall divorce his wife Zainab and I
        shall marry her in the same night,
        Allah willing.
        What about the divorced woman
        waiting period?
        Omar, have you forgotten that I am
        the Messenger? Allah has already
        wed me and Zainab in the seventh
        heaven and Gabriel is a witness to
        our wedding.
        I understand. Excuse my ignorance,
        Messenger. May Allah bless the
        May Allah bless the marriage.
        George sits.
        EBN MASOOD speaks up.
        EBN MASOOD
        Messenger, I am married,
        thank Allah, but I have a female
        friend that I am intimate with. I
        built her a house and I visit her
        every time I have a chance. She has
        become pregnant and given me a
        beautiful daughter, may Allah bless
        her. My daughter is now seventeen
        years old and she is beautiful,
        blonde, with an excellent physique
        and skin smooth as silk. Now I know
        that my son Asaad likes her and
        wants to marry her. I went crazy
        with the thought and I objected but
        I cannot tell him the reason that I
        am objecting. Tell me what to do
        Messenger. I know that the answer
        is in Islam.
        Have you lawfully married your
        EBN MASOOD
        No, she is but my lover.
        Then you did not read the Book well
        Ebn Masood.
        EBN MASOOD
        How is that, Messenger?
        The daughter of an adulterous
        relationship is not your legitimate
        daughter and, therefore, she is not
        related to you.
        EBN MASOOD
        Messenger, I assure you that she is
        my daughter. From my own flesh and
        I know that Ebn Masood, but the
        Book considers her a stranger
        because you did not wed her mother
        legally. So go ahead and let your
        son marry her.
        EBN MASOOD
        Oh no, if that is the case, then I
        can have the rights to make her my
        own wife.
        May Allah bless you and do not
        forget to invite me to the wedding.
        EBN MASOOD
        Allah willing. Allah willing,
        He bows and moves off and as he does a large but attractive
        woman, SAHILA in her forties approaches George.
        Messenger, we have a son by
        adoption and when you retracted all
        adoptions, my husband became
        jealous of him. So what advice do
        you have for me, Messenger? What
        can I do?
        Breast feed him Sahila.
        But he is a grown man. A grown man
        with a mustache and a beard.
        I know these thing Sahila. Give him
        your breast and feed him five times
        fully, and then he will be
        considered sanctioned by you.
        As you command Messenger. I shall
        breast feed him.
        As she leaves, George's wife Hillary speaks up.
        Messenger, could I then
        breast feed any man I want to meet
        with alone?
        Of course Hillary. It is in the
        Book. The Book is the inspired word
        of Allah.
        I heard, Messenger, that the Jewish
        tribe of Khabir has a great cache
        of treasure and we should be
        entitled to it.
        And who has this treasure?
        I think it is being held by
        Kananah, son of Rabia, the leader
        of their tribe.
        Then send the spies and find out
        the exact location of the treasure.
        But Messenger, we have a treaty
        with them.
        There are no absolutes in politics,
        have you not heard? Besides, there
        is nothing in our treaty about
        treasure. Get the men ready.
        Yes Messenger.
        And with that OMAR gets up and leaves as the CAMERA stays on
        a view of George sitting there with his sword.
        71 INT. GEORGE’S TENT - NIGHT 71
        Inside of this large tent George sits with his SWORD in the
        same way he sits outdoors. He is taking a drink of WINE from
        a cup and then speaks to the others that are present which
        include, most of his men. We do not see Omar among them just
        I have been to the mountain and
        Gabriel has spoken to me once
        EBN MASOUD
        Praise be to Allah.
        All of the men join in this praise.
        Praise be to Allah and praise be to
        the Messenger.
        EBN MASOUD
        And what has Gabriel told you
        Messenger, if I am worthy
        enough to ask?
        Yes, you may ask, my friend. He
        said the life of a Muslim shall not
        be taken by an infidel. And that I,
        the Messenger, shall make sure that
        this does not take place.
        EBN MASOUD
        Even if it is a Jew or a Christian.
        It matters not. I was ordered to
        wage war against all mankind until
        all believe that there is no other
        God but Allah and that I am his
        Messenger. And if they profess
        that, I shall spare their lives,
        women and money.
        OMAAR enters the tent and approaches George.
        What news to do you have for me
        My spies have confirmed, Messenger,
        that the people of Khabir do indeed
        have a great treasure.
        That is wonderful news my friend,
        praise Allah. Do you know who has
        this treasure?
        It is said that the treasure is a
        large cache of gold and that only
        Kananah and his father know where
        it is hidden.
        Go to them, these people of Khabir,
        and tell them that they owe me this
        treasure as a tribute. And if they
        do not pay their tribute for being
        infidels then they will find
        themselves at war with the
        But first, Messenger, I have more
        to tell you? Our spies saw that an
        old enemy of the Messenger is
        living among the people of Khabir,
        and he is plotting with them to
        wage war against you.
        George begins to get angry.
        Who is this enemy? Who dares plot
        against the Messenger and the
        Nation of Islam?
        It is the Jew Asaad.
        George becomes even angrier at hearing this name.
        For too long this Jew has stood
        against the Messenger. For too long
        has he been like a sharp thorn in
        my side.
        George stands and raises his SWORD, swinging it in the air as
        his voice grows even stronger.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Let this be the time that we kill
        this infidel and all who follow
        him, prepare the men for battle.
        There shall be no safety for the
        people of Khabir.
        The men all raise their swords and cheer out loud at George's
        words, excited at the idea of battle and the spoils of war.
        72 EXT. THE BATTLE - DAY 72
        We SEE a VERY TIGHT CLOSE UP of George as he speaks and while
        we look at him and hear his words, we see the action of the
        battle through the "Dissolved" image of his face.
        I command you to clean this land of
        The Jews and the Christians. Go to
        them and tell them if they do not
        become followers then I shall take
        their lands and their women and
        children and all of their riches
        from them. If they refuse, kill all
        of the men. Take the spoils.
        Capture their women and gather
        their children to be sold
        on the slave market in Nekhasa. We
        will use the money to buy more
        weapons and horses and we shall
        become stronger and stronger until
        no one can resist the Messenger.
        BATTLE SHOTS to be seen over the dialogue above:
        Some of George's MEN on HORSES charging at the CAMERA.
        SWORDS clashing together.
        A tent BURNING in large flames.
        A SWORD pushes deep into a man's mid-section and then pulls
        out as he drops to the ground.
        Two MEN fighting with their swords.
        CAMERA WHIP PANS through several men fighting and BLOOD is
        flying out in all directions.
        ASAAD kills a MAN and then turns toward us with his SWORD
        raises but before he can do anything with it, another man's
        SWORD sinks into his chest and goes right through is body.
        When the sword is pulled out we SEE that it is Abo who has
        killed him. Abo spits on his body and turns to fight another.
        A man throws a SPEAR. The spear soars through the air and
        impales a man, killing him instantly.
        JEWISH MAN turns toward the CAMERA, his eyes open wide in
        terror and then his HEAD is severed from his body by a SWORD
        and it pops up into the air and falls to the ground.
        Two of George's men, Ali and Dahia El Kalabi are leading
        Kananah, Son of Rabia, along in shackles and chains.
        George's Face now dissolve out of the image and we are back
        to a normal scene.
        73 EXT. BATTLE FIELD - DAY 73
        George looks up to see KENANAH being dragged over to him.
        So he has not confessed and told
        you where the treasure is yet?
        No, he has not, Messenger.
        George steps up to Kananah who is being held up by Ali and
        Dahia and grabs him by his hair and pulls his head back so
        that he can see his face.
        You have lost the battle. You have
        lost everything. Don’t be a fool.
        Tell me where the treasure is and I
        will allow you to die a quick and
        painless death.
        Kananah looks at him with contempt, but says nothing.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        So be it.
        (to the others)
        He has made his decision. Go and
        torture him until he tells you the
        location of the treasure.
        Mercy, Messenger. Mercy, I beg you
        The time for mercy has already
        passed. Do not speak except to tell
        me the treasure's location.
        (to Dahia)
        Now go and torture him.
        Yes, Messenger.
        And the MEN drag Kananah away.
        74 EXT. DESERT - DAY 74
        Dahai and Ali drag the MAN over to a place where they have a
        board nailed between two trees. His hands are bound together
        on a nail in the center of the board so that they are up
        above his head. They take turns beating him, over and over
        And finally Kananah seems to be trying to say something but
        we cannot make out what it is.
        Ali go bring his wife I heard he
        loves her.
        Okay Messenger.
        I know how I can make him talk.
        ALI arrives with a very beautiful lady
        Kenanah’s wife Messenger.
        George looks at her with passion
        What’s your name?
        THE LADY
        Are you Kenanah’s wife?
        George thinking.
        Where is the treasure of the Jews?
        I don’t know.
        Are you sure?
        George thinking.
        Then take her Ali to see her
        Okay Messenger.
        HE takes her in front of KENANAH. They don’t let her touch
        Kenanah, Kenanah, what are they
        doing to you?
        Tie her.
        George’s FOLLOWERS tie her 10 yards from KENANAH.
        George goes to her to and wipes her tears.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Safia do not cry. Please do not
        cry. I only want to know where is
        the treasure of the Jews.
        And he turns to talk to KENANAH.
        As George starts talking he looks toward KENANAH’s wife
        Safia, as if she were his first treasure.
        What treasure do you want George?
        All treasures.
        And he keeps walking in between KENANAH and Safia.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Whip him.
        His men whip KENANAH harder and harder in front of Safia.
        Every time KENANAH screams from the pain George tries to dry
        Safias’ eyes.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Please Safia tell him?
        Kennanah give him the treasure.
        What treasure does he want? First
        he wanted the gold. Now he wants
        you and the gold. No… no… no…
        Kananah starts to look faint and stays silent for a while.
        Safia is crying and George pretends to almost cry with her.
        Ali holds KENANAH’s hand out.
        Wait! He is trying to tell us
        Ali moves his head in so that his ear is right up to the
        man's mouth, to try and hear what he is saying. Ali hears
        what the man is saying and he smiles broadly at Dahia.
        75 EXT. DESERT - DAY 75
        Another view of George sitting near a tree with his SWORD as
        ALI approaches him.
        Ali throws a large goat skin bag in front of George and lots
        of GOLD COINS spill out of it.
        There is your treasure Messenger.
        George digs a hand into the gold and then pulls it out
        allowing the gold pieces to spill out all over. And he speaks
        with a big smile on his face.
        Ahhhh! Allah is great indeed. Allah
        is great! Is that Jew Kananah still
        Just barely. He will not last long.
        Let us take the other treasure.
        Cut off his arms, legs, then his
        head and do it in front of his
        Yes, Messenger.
        Ali walks off.
        (to his other man)
        Let us all divide up this great
        The MEN cheer.
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR!
        76 EXT. DESERT - DAY 76
        Ali walks over to where Kananah is still hanging from his
        hands and it is hard to tell if he is still alive.
        Ali steps up close and looks at the man with disgust and then
        with one sharp movement, he draws his sword and spins around
        slashing the sword at the man and his HEAD drops to the
        ground as BLOOD squirts out of his neck.
        Safia sees this and is crying her eyes out.
        ALI sheaths his SWORD and moves off.
        77 EXT. DESERT - DAY 77
        DAHIA is dragging SAFIA by the arm. A very beautiful young
        woman who is very upset and screaming and crying as she goes.
        (to Dahai)
        She is yours for three days. Then
        bring her back to me.
        Thank you Messenger, I have won the
        wife of Kananah.
        Dahia take Safia.
        My husband. You have killed my
        husband! And my father and my
        brothers! You have killed all of
        our men! Leave me alone!
        (laughs as he speaks)
        Why do you think we go to battle,
        if not for the spoils of war? And
        what would the spoils of war be
        without the taking of the enemies
        beautiful women?
        They approach the tent.
        No! No! I will not do this with
        you... you murderer!
        (with a smile)
        Oh, yes you will.
        And he pulls her into the tent, leaving us with just a VIEW
        of the tent and the sounds of Safia trying to resist Dahia El
        Kalabi. Sounds which quickly disappear.
        78 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 78
        George and many of his FOLLOWERS are sitting in George's tent
        when Bilal, a large BLACK SLAVE arrives with SAFIA.
        Messenger, here is Safia,
        wife of Kananah.
        George looks at Safia, smiles and takes her hand.
        (pulls her hand)
        Come sit.
        George pulls her down to a sitting position and then reaches
        behind himself with one hand and produces something which he
        places into Safia's lap.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        This is for you.
        Safia looks down in horror as she realizes that it is the
        HEAD of her dead husband Kananah. She speaks very softly.
        My husband.?????
        That is so you understand what kind
        of man I am.
        And with that he grabs her and throws her down on her back
        and gets on top of her. He licks the side of her face with is
        tongue as she lays there motionless, still in near shock. And
        then he enters her and begins to hump on her right there in
        front of all of his men.
        The men begin to chant, but not very loudly. It is more like
        a low rumble.
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR!
        Allah AKBAR! Allah AKBAR!
        And as George is humping this woman the CAMERA pushes in
        until it is CLOSE on both of their faces.
        79 INT. GEORGE’S TENT - DAY 79
        George is sitting down. MAREYA the Egyptian, a beautiful
        young girl, is working, washing the dishes and cleaning while
        Egypt. Egypt. I love Egypt. I love
        Egypt. I miss Egypt. I miss Egypt.
        Who can take me to Egypt? I want to
        see the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and
        the great Nile river. I love Egypt.
        I miss Egypt.
        Hafsah, a wife of George, sits down beside him on the bed and
        both of them begin to eat FRUITS.
        Mareya the servant misses Egypt.
        Hafsah begins to feed him fruits.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        It is enough. It is enough Hafsah.
        No it isn’t enough. Tonight is my
        night. Tonight is my night.
        Hafsah. Hafsah.
        There is a clapping sound.
        Mareya, see who it is.
        Yes Ma’am.
        And she goes to the entrance as the clapping continues.
        Hurry Mareya.
        Yes Ma’am.
        Mareya returns with a male slave.
        Hafsah! Hafsah! Your father is ill.
        My father?
        Omar Ebn El Khtab. Hafsah go now
        to see your father.
        Hafsah places her SHAWL on her head and leaves with the MAN.
        Mareya, take care of the house
        until I return.
        Yes Ma’am as you request.
        Hafsah runs outside.
        George follows her out then turns to Mareya and begins to
        smoothly touch her.
        MAREYA (CONT’D)
        Yes sir?
        Do you love Egypt?
        Yes sir.
        And I love you.
        You have eleven wives and you love
        Yes I have eleven wives and a lot
        of concubines, Mareya.
        I am your servant, but I have a
        question for you, sir?
        Ask me whatever you wish my love.
        What is the meaning of "Messenger"?
        It is a person who is sent by Allah
        for the people.
        To do what?
        To take the women and to kill their
        Can I ask you another question?
        Isn’t it enough for a man to have
        one women? But you have eleven
        wives, besides your servants.
        You said for a man, but I am not a
        man. I am a profit. I have the
        power of forty men.
        They begin to take off their clothes. George takes her to
        Hafsah’s bed. They slide into the bed and under the sheets.
        Surprisingly, Hafsah returns. When she sees them she begins
        to scream.
        On my night and in my bed.
        She begins to beat him on his head with her SHOES.
        HAFSAH (CONT’D)
        On my night in my bed.
        She chases George who tries to cover his head and his face
        because he feels ashamed.
        Please Hafsah. Please Hafsah. Do
        not scream or Hillary will hear
        Are you afraid of Hillary? If she
        doesn’t hear me tonight, I will let
        her know about your scandal.
        No, no please don’t tell Hillary.
        If you don’t tell her, I will let
        your father become my sole heir.
        All of a sudden, we see Hillary enter the tent.
        I am here George. Do you need help
        Thank you Hillary, but I can do
        this myself.
        More, more, give him more.
        On my night and in my bed! On my
        night and in my bed!
        George runs outside the tent and Hafsah throws her SHOE at
        him. Hillary continues laughing.
        80 EXT. GEORGE’S TENT - DAY 80
        George sits with his followers around him.
        What is your opinion?
        My advice is annihilate them from
        our land.
        Today I decided to take our Arab
        land from the Jews and Christians.
        I order you to kill their men, take
        their woman and sell their kids in
        the market as slaves.
        But the most important are the
        women. Right Messenger?
        And the kids Ali. We need money to
        buy horses and swords. Go burn
        their trees first after you
        surround them. No food, no water.
        Go now.
        81 EXT. DESERT - DAY 81
        In another part of the land where there are many trees,
        George and his followers are about to wage war on yet another
        group of Jewish people.
        George is on the edge of a hill watching the battle below
        him. Along with him is Hillary.
        Below we can SEE George's MEN killing hundreds of Jewish
        people, BURNING their tents and CUTTING DOWN their palm
        Down on the field of battle:
        OMAR fights and kills a man.
        ALI fights and kills a man.
        Abo fights and kills a man.
        BILAL fights and kills a man.
        Back to George on the hill shouting down to his men.
        On other side ABU SHREEF sits down with ABU KHALED eating
        George sees Abu Khaled eating dates.
        ABU KHALED jumps up and takes the DATE from his mouth saying,
        “I will eat it in heaven.”
        He runs to the battle and by mistake ALI cuts his neck.
        Cut off their water! Burn their
        crops! Burn their houses!!!
        Down Below:
        Two of George’s MEN throw TORCHES into a field full of CROPS.
        Another man is chopping a palm TREE with an AXE.
        Back to George up on the hill as one of the Jewish women
        named SARA comes to plead with him.
        George, didn’t you ban the burning
        of crops and the burning of homes?
        Yes, but not for you Jewish
        We can give you half of our crops
        if you just leave us alone.
        Not enough.
        Do you want all the corps? Take
        I want to annihilate all of you
        worthless trash. And take the women
        captive and sell the kids to get
        money to buy horses and swords.
        You do that and your followers are
        dumb enough to believe that you are
        the Messenger.
        Because they get money, camels,
        sheep and woman.
        But they could get killed.
        They get 72 woman in heaven.
        Listen Sara you are a beautiful
        woman. Come with me inside the
        Not even if you were the last man
        on earth.
        (from inside)
        George. George.
        Okay Hillary, I am coming.
        Sara runs away.
        Another Jewish woman by the name of ESTER speaks up.
        My children will die from thirst
        and you call yourself the
        No, I do not want the death of your
        children. I want them alive so I
        can sell them in the slave market.
        George turns and walks toward the small TENT that is there
        and he grabs another Jewish WOMAN by the arm as he goes. She
        is a very beautiful girl in her early twenties and her name
        is RAHEEL.
        George pulls her into the tent with him.
        82 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 82
        George pulls RAHEEL in the tent and speaks to his young wife
        Hillary, I am going to sleep with
        this Jewish woman.
        You killed my husband and my family
        and now you want me to have sex
        with you?
        I shall make you a mother of
        believers, just like I did with
        Hillary. Right Hillary?
        Yes Messenger. Your God is always
        quick to satisfy your desires.
        Then George grabs RAHEEL and throws her down and he moves
        down upon her. She struggles but she is no match for him and
        he is going to take her no matter what she does.
        Hillary lowers her eyes and looks away, finding herself
        somewhat jealous over this.
        83 EXT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 83
        Looking at the tent as we HEAR the SCREAMS of RAHEEL amongst
        the sounds of the nearby battle.
        84 EXT. BATTLE FIELD - DAY 84
        BILAL fighting a man and killing him.
        Abo chases down an unarmed man and slaughters him.
        ALI fighting a man and killing him.
        OMAR kills two more men.
        Once in while George has his head out side to see the battle
        and give orders.
        85 EXT. DESERT - DAY 85
        VIEW OF: black SMOKE rising up into the sky.
        And a lot of casualties from the MEN, WOMAN and CHILDREN.
        The women and children screaming.
        And George laughing.
        86 EXT. GEORGE'S TENT - DAY 86
        BILIL approaches George, he has a lot of BLOOD on him from
        the battle but is not hurt himself.
        The battle is over Messenger. We
        have many prisoners over one
        thousand men alone.
        Separate the men, women, and
        children and keep our men away from
        the women.
        As you command.
        Then bring the men to me twenty at
        a time.
        Yes, Messenger.
        BILAL moves off.
        Standing at the edge of a pit is George, SWORD in hand. BILAL
        shows up with twenty of the Jewish MEN and George begins to
        kill them one by one. Cutting off their arms, then their legs
        and then cutting of their heads and tossing all of the BODY
        PARTS into the pit.
        He does this to another and another and another.
        Not far away the Jewish WOMEN can see this happening and are
        crying out in anguish as they watch their men die.
        And not far away from the women, the Jewish CHILDREN are also
        watching this slaughter in utter horror. Some cover their
        eyes at the sight of this atrocity, while others watch with
        their jaws hanging open in awe at what they see.
        88 EXT. VIEW OF THE SUN - DAY 88
        View of the hot desert sun as it moves across the sky and is
        starting to set.
        George, now literally drenched in BLOOD from head to toe,
        beheads one more Jewish MAN and then he takes a deep breath
        and looks down on his work.
        And we hear voices from the Mosque saying “Allah Akbar.”
        That is enough for today.
        And George turns and walks away.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Come, let us pray.
        The MEN all get together and begin to pray. After a minute or
        so, George speaks up.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Now, bring me the women.
        All of the MEN agree heartily. A few of George's MEN start
        leading a whole group of the captured Jewish WOMEN up to
        George notices one of these women in particular. She is a
        very beautiful young blonde names GOUREYIA. He looks at her
        with "that look" and then he points to her.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        Come here beautiful.
        But she is not coming easily.
        Beautiful! Who are you calling
        beautiful? I have seen you kill my
        husband and father!
        The MEN around George laugh at this.
        I shall marry you and make you a
        mother of believers.
        Are you crazy George?!
        You killed my relatives and now you
        want to marry me?! Your clothes are
        still soaked with the blood of my
        I shall free you from being a
        slave. You should be happy for my
        Leave me you dog of the Arabs, I
        will not be your wife as long as I
        This is how you refuse the
        Messenger to be your husband?
        Messenger?! Messenger of
        Allah?!! What God is that?!! Do you
        really think I believe your
        George moves closer to her and speaks in a low, deadly tone.
        I do not care what you believe. The
        Messenger has spoken.
        He turns and looks to his men and motions to them with his
        head and right away four of them grab GOUREYIA and put her on
        the ground, holding her down spread eagle, each man holding
        one of her limbs.
        GEORGE (CONT’D)
        No one can resist the Messenger. No
        Then George lowers himself upon her and begins to have his
        way with her. She screams and squirms but it does little
        90 EXT. OASIS - NIGHT 90
        CLOSE ON A LAMB that is on a skewer and being roasted over an
        open fire. Two older Jewish slave WOMEN are cooking the meat.
        One turning it slowly on a SPIT while the other is basting it
        with juices.
        The slave woman who is basting the lamb reaches into her
        robes and pulls out a small thin VILE. Then after checking to
        make sure that no one is watching she sprinkles an unknown
        powdered substance all over the rotating lamb.
        91 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - NIGHT 91
        George and many of his men are sitting on pillows as the
        women come in serving large platters of the roasted lamb,
        with fruits and dates, to all of them.
        Men of Islam, praise Allah for this
        Praise Allah.
        And then all of them grab a chunk of meat and begin to eat.
        George takes a piece of meat and brings it up to his mouth.
        They start eating. Just as he sinks his teeth into it, he
        Some of the men eating begin to cry out.
        GEORGE’S MEN
        My stomach. My stomach.
        George does not like this and spits it out.
        What is wrong Messenger? This is
        our finest lamb.
        There is nothing wrong. Don’t you
        see the men. I decided that I do
        not eat, Abo. What I am is thirsty.
        And with that George picks up a large cup full of WINE and
        takes a long hard drink as the other men continue to eat
        Doctor MATTHEW is still telling this story to his two young
        And so it came to pass that every
        single one of George's men, who ate
        that meat, died on that night.
        93 INT. GEORGE'S TENT - NIGHT 93
        As we HEAR Doctor MATTHEW's voice from above we SEE a SHOT of
        George’s MEN slumped over dead right there in the tent where
        they were eating.
        Back to Doctor MATTHEW.
        But not George, because he did not
        eat a lot of the meat, so the
        poison did not kill him but it did
        get into his body because he had
        put that one piece of meat into his
        mouth and swallowed.
        He looks at both of his daughters for a moment.
        And then George himself cut off the
        head of the Jewish woman who had
        poisoned the meat and his men.
        95 EXT. DESERT - NIGHT 95
        We SEE George swing his SWORD at the old Jewish woman and
        then we SEE her head tumble across the ground.
        Then George went out and gathered
        more followers and continued his
        reign of terror for another three
        full years, until that little bit
        of poison that got into his body
        finally caught up with him.
        97 EXT. DESERT - DAY 97
        Close of George's face as his head drops to the ground and
        his eyes are open but lifeless.
        Doctor Matthew is sitting on the edge of his younger
        daughter’s bed as she is ready to go to sleep.
        And just like that, he was dead.
        But his followers lived on and they
        live on even until this day. Always
        remember that George's teachings
        became Islamic law and it is
        something you must be very aware of
        at all times, because there are
        still many followers who believe in
        the ways of George.
        Father, we must do something.
        The Doctor takes out a document and shows it to his daughter.
        In this document I will report to
        international criminal court in the
        Hague, Holland, the following men
        who are guilty for abusing and
        torturing Christians: General
        Mostafa Selem... General Said Abo
        Elmaalem... General Khalil
        Makhlof... General Khald
        Khlfallah... Colonel Ashraf
        Abdelkader... Colonel Aboelfadel
        Thabet... Colonel Hany Gamel...
        Colonel Esam Elgamaly... Captain
        George Kodb... Captain Eslam
        Elbadry... Colonel George Badr...
        and Doctor Abdelkareem Bayomy.
        Even the doctor?
        Yes. Because the doctor wrote in
        his official report that the
        tortured Christians died from
        Father, what is the true story
        about the soldier Hany Sarofeem?
        His army leader and his Muslim
        friends killed him because he
        refused to convert to Islam. But
        that is a story for another day.
        The Doctor kisses his daughter good night.
        Good night my daughter.
        Good night father.
        The Doctor crosses to the door. He reaches for the light
        May God bless and protect you
        He turns out the light and the screen goes black.
        CUT TO:
        99 EXT. DESERT - DAY 99
        In a surrealistic looking shot, George comes toward the
        CAMERA screaming out his battle cry and holding his sword up
        as if her were about to strike.
        THE END